Stakenet: Monthly Recap — November

Stakenet Team
Dec 3, 2021 · 3 min read

Welcome back to the latest edition of our monthly recaps! Let’s jump right in and see what has happened in November at Stakenet!

Hydra Governance

This will enable a graphic user interface, so every Hydra node owner can easily vote via smart contracts and create proposals. The testnet is now completed and bug-free. It will be released after the chainswap to the mainnet as a part of the big upcoming Stakenet network Hydra update.

See for more info here:

Youtube Livestream

Check the video out here, including a live AMA, live demo of the wallet and DEX tabs, swaps, channel openings, and more:

PS: Sorry for the bad audio quality, will try to improve it next time! It was actually working way better in the test stream.

Roadmap Update

At “In progress” we have updated:
- Stakenet DEX: Stage 01 — GAIA: 80% => 95%
- Stakenet Wallet: 95% => 99%
- Stakenet Wallet: Simple Swap UI: 90% => 95%
- Stakenet DEX: Web UI: 50 => 60%
- Stakenet Wallet: Vortex: 25% => 60%
- Stakenet DEX: Stage 02 — Prometheus: 20%
- Stakenet DEX: Stage 03 — HYDRA: 10%

For our big upcoming Stakenet network Hydra update, we have also added the goals we are currently working on:
- Chain swap: 30%
- Arbitrum integration: 30%
- Hydra governance: 70%
- Stakenet foundation: 80%

We have also updated many texts all over the website and will continue to work on it. Once the Stakenet multicurrency light wallet and Stakenet DEX have been released, we will move the related goals to “Completed” too.

Find more info here:

Off The Chain (Podcast)

Listen here to the latest episode:

Episode 5:


Off The Chain is now also available at Apple Podcasts (just copy-paste the RSS link), Google Podcasts, Breaker, Pocket Casts, and Radio Public.

Stakenet DEX

By fixing a lot of LND related issues we are getting closer to a final version. The team is also working heavily with the community and just have finished the manual guides, so everyone can use the DEX.

Stakenet Community Page

You can have now a nice overview of the latest news, summaries, guides, and more. It’s already available in English, German, Turkish and Italian! Special thanks to Fedeparma and Physio for all the translations.

Check it out here:

We hope you enjoyed this quick throwback and may we see each other in one month again for the next episode of “Stakenet: Monthly Recap”.

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