Stakenet (XSN) and 21 Cryptos Magazine Announce Partnership

21 Cryptos Magazine is a digital publication delivering technical and social content to educate, empower and entertain the audience. 21 Cryptos believe in growing the industry by providing content for both experts and beginners. Their key feature is the ’10 to Watch’, which analyses some of the most promising companies working in blockchain. The magazine also features regular interviews, trading advice and deep-dive articles. The magazine is available as a subscription and can be accompanied by the CryptoBrief daily newsletter with the top stories of the day.

Stakenet are building an integrated decentralised ecosystem with three core objectives; to create a feature complete platform for cross-chain interoperability to service the blockchain industry, to develop a suite of effective investment tools for institutional and conventional investors and finally, to build the world’s first truly decentralized ‘cryptocurrency bank’. The Stakenet blockchain is powered by its native coin, XSN, that can be staked through Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS), achieving the highest level of blockchain security using decentralized and trustless cold staking.

The Stakenet ecosystem is made up of three divisions; XSN-Core software team, XSN Cloud staking and services team (Masternodes as a Service, Pooled Staking etc.) and XSN Hardware, the team behind the development of innovative wearable bio-sensor technologies. The XSN-Core software team are currently focused on developing cross-chain capabilities and Lightning Network, technologies that will allow Stakenet to build a Decentralized Exchange run by Masternodes and enable cross-chain staking.

“At 21C we are privileged to partner with Stakenet — they are dedicated to creating easy, safe and intuitive services that anyone can use. This we feel aligns with our hopes of bringing blockchain to a wider audience. The Stakenet ecosystem has a focus on innovation and we look forward to being able to reveal their cutting-edge technology to our readers.” — Ronan, 21 Cryptos Magazine, Head of Development.

Rebecca Catlin, Marketing Manager at Stakenet (XSN) said “We are proud to be partnered with 21 Cryptos Magazine. As a high-quality educational publication, we believe the partnership aligns well with our vision to make XSN accessible to all, from new investors to experienced, professional traders. We are looking forward to sharing news on our technology, developments and release with the readers of 21 Cryptos.’

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