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Trezor TPoS Guide

In this guide, we will show you how you can TPoS (cold stake) from your Trezor hardware wallet.

Step 1) You need to connect your Trezor wallet to your pc with the Trezor bridge running.

If you want to use the Trezor Emulator then you have to stop the trezord service with:

sudo systemctl stop trezord

Then after the above, you will need to run it with

trezord -e 21324

To verify that Trezor is connected to the browser, you can visit and see if the Trezor device is working correctly.

Step 2) Head over to the Trezor tab in the XSN block explorer —

  • Please note that you will need XSN coins on your Trezor device before proceeding with the next steps.

Step 3) In the TPoS tab on the explorer, you will need to complete the form with the requested values as per below:

— Merchant Address (Either obtained from a TPoS Merchant or your own merchant address)

  • Amount of XSN to TPoS
  • Commission percentage for the TPoS

Note: Each time you create a TPoS contract, the app will create a new legacy address. This new address will be your unique TPoS address which you can send more funds to going forward which will top-up your existing TPoS.

This will require you to allow Trezor to create a new address as per the image below.

Step 4) The next step is to sign a message which is required to create the TPoS contract which you will see in a screen like the below:

Step 5) Assuming all information has been inputted correctly, the app will request to sign the TPoS transaction. This transacton will consist of sending 1 XSN as collateral for the smart contract to the recently created legacy address.

Please note: You must approve to receive the change of your UTXOs in one of your other addresses within your Trezor and the then transaction will be sent to the blockchain.

Step 6) The final step is to fund your TPoS address. The app will try to generate the second transaction with the captured amount (inputted into form on the TPoS tab of the XSN explorer) so if you ony have one UTXO, this will fail because it was used to create the TPoS transactoin.

If you are going to send your funds manually to your TPoS, you must wait for that initial transaction to confirm first.

Congratulations, you have set up your first XSN TPoS from a cold storage device!

Join the Stakenet discord — and let us know if you have any questions.



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