Xeeda Inc. (Xeeda) and Stakenet (XSN) Announce Partnership to Enable Users to Securely Store and Earn Staking Rewards from Smartphones

Xeeda offers the world’s first hardware wallet and integrated cold storage solution for smartphones. Stakenet will further enhance the cutting-edge technology of Xeeda with several of its own original cutting-edge technologies.

Stakenet integration on Xeeda will enable Stakenet owners to not only store their coin safely and securely offline, but to also earn offline stake rewards through a Stakenet original invention, Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS). TPoS allows every XSN holder to securely stake coins from a cold storage and validate the blockchain without the need of a trusted or voted authority. Stakenet TPoS feature will effectively transform Xeeda from a mere storage device into a profit generating device. Users will be able to earn rewards whilst their coins remain securely stored offline on Xeeda. TPoS is fully developed and will be available to Xeeda users as soon as XSN is integrated on the device.

Stakenet is also working towards implementations of other original inventions such as Cross Chain Proof of Stake. With CCPoS, Xeeda owners will be able to stake XSN and receive rewards in any Lightning Network compatible coin of their choosing. For example, they could cold stake XSN on Xeeda, and receive Bitcoin or Litecoin as their reward instead of XSN.

Rebecca Catlin, Marketing Manager of Stakenet (XSN) said “We are very excited to announce our partnership with Xeeda. Stakenet integration on Xeeda strongly supports our vision to create a dynamic environment of convenience, investment agility and security.”

Stakenet (XSN) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) running on its own blockchain that allows easy and secure staking of its currency XSN using Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS), achieving the highest level of blockchain security using decentralized and trustless cold staking. The Stakenet ecosystem is made up of three divisions; XSN Core, software team, XSN Cloud, Cloud staking and services team (Masternodes as a Service, Masternode Monitoring) and XSN Hardware, the team behind the development of innovative wearable bio-sensor technologies. Stakenet are building an integrated decentralised ecosystem with three core objectives; to create a feature complete platform for Cross-chain interoperability to service the blockchain industry, to develop a suite of effective investment tools for institutional and conventional investors; and build the World’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency bank.

As users of digital currencies become more mainstream, Xeeda’s mission is to provide convenient and secure mobile access to leading cryptocurrencies and their loyal communities around the globe, and to implement cutting edge innovations. Users require a safe and secure method to transact with convenience directly from their smartphones. Using their PIN and fingerprint, users will be able to store cryptographic keys on the Xeeda Hardware Wallet and seamlessly exchange between select digital assets, all from the convenience of their smartphone.

Xeeda is supported on iOS and Android devices. To use the hardware wallet, users will need to download the Xeeda app on their iOS and Android devices. The app utilizes biometric scanners for security. Simply plug the hardware device into your smartphone, generate master seeds, set a pin, scan your fingerprint, and access your XEEDA app. The app allows the authenticated user to access and control assets, manage balances, review portfolios, and initiate and confirm transfers and purchases.

About Xeeda

Xeeda is a blockchain and transactions startup company developing the world’s first cryptocurrency hardware wallet and integrated app for smartphones. Leveraging multi-factor authentication and built-in biometric security features, Xeeda provides a convenient and secure way to access, exchange, and manage your bitcoins and other digital currency assets directly from your smartphone. Anytime. Anywhere. For more information, visit xeeda.io.