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We have had a very successful dev cycle this past month, consisting of our partnership with OKEx subsidiary CoinAll (satisfying key requirements for an OKEx listing), developments of our Multi Currency Light Wallet (MCLW), Trezor integration and more. Here is a description of some key highlights, and things to look to moving forward.


Our listing on OKEx subsidiary, CoinAll, has come with great success as we have been averaging in the top 3 over the past 2 weeks of newly listed projects (see chart below). This is significant to us as it satisfies a key requirement to list on OKEx. We are in direct contact with their team to make sure any and all requirements are satisfied here on out for listing ( have completed all requirements thus far), and will update the community as soon as we have further news on the upgrade. We have also been listed on ABCC exchange and Folex. XSN/BTC trading is live on all 3 exchanges, and we now have our first USDT pairing on ABCC.

Multi Currency Light Wallet + DEX

The team has completed version 0009 of the Multi Currency Light Wallet which has sync optimizations and bootstraps to allow fast and smooth sync times + usability. This was the last major dev task before we can begin public testing, which will be launched this upcoming (monthly) cycle.

Development of our “one click” lightning swap interface is active and complete. These were done and integrated into our wallet using the lnd client which is being architected to operate with neutrino. When neutrino is released these will be ready for real world use for instant one click DEX trading as our interface will be ready and tested for public release.

In the meantime we will have PoC of our on chain DEX orderbook this upcoming month, which when complete will feature on chain swaps and immediate use for trading directly from our Multi Currency Light Wallet (MCLW). We will also be able to use this orderbook in our lightning DEX as well (when neutrino is supported).


XSN will be supported on the upcoming Trezor firmware update! Our developers have successfully been cold staking using TPoS from the Trezor hardware wallet. We are completing the UI for TPoS now and will have integration into our upcoming light wallet thereafter. Ledger TPoS integration will be on the way as well.

Smart Contract Integration

Core team has conducted analysis on various smart contract platforms and architectures this past cycle. We have found code/ ecosystems our developers prefer and have planned to integrate smart contract support/ DAPP infrastructure directly into our Light Client. We are excited about the future of smart contract/ DAPP’s and believe they have great potential for disruption within the blockchain space and beyond, having a plan for both smart contract and DAPPS in our light wallet will position our project to be a leader at the forefront of the DAPP ecosystem as it gains popularity + adoption.


We have launched a new forum section on our website where we have open discussion boards for general Stakenet discussion, developments/technical, dApps/services, Masternodes and staking, XSN Cloud and Stakenet.io website suggestions. As well as launching the new forum, the update release included increased mobile device compatibility, an update to the FAQ and a refresh of the overall website design. Be sure to check out our new forum here!

As we near some key launch dates, look for further announcements, articles, and news on our light wallet, Viper hardware, smart contract/ DAPP developments, and showcasing of our “one click” Lightning DEX. Join our discord and follow us on twitter to stay up to date on the latest news

Stakenet (XSN)


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Stakenet (XSN)

Stakenet (XSN) revolutionizes the way cryptocurrencies are held, spent and staked.

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