XSN Dev Update Oct 03 2019

Stakenet Team
Oct 3, 2019 · 2 min read
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Stakenet Wallet

Today we are launching our second round of community demos on V 0.0.58-Lightning Network of our lightning wallet. Along with various bug fixes and enhancements V 58 will have Lightning Network send and receive capabilities active in addition to our autopilot feature. Both these features are critical to the foundation of our DEX and SWAPS, community testing on these will ensure stability and hardening to our wallets core as our developers prepare higher level features to be released throughout the month.


We have also had some progress on Trezor implementation too. Trezor recently requested we build a publicly functional model for Trezor integration for XSN. We have completed a build for this integration on our current explorer. If you head over to our XSN Explorer you will now see an option to use Trezor for storage of XSN with send/receive capabilities with TPoS on the way. This is just a temporary measure until the release of our explorer 2.0 — XSN Hub. Taking this step fulfills the request made for implementation by Trezor so now things should move along much faster.

Monthly Budget

For those with MN’s when you have a chance please input the following two commands into your controller wallet CLI to pass the Oct team budget:

gobject vote-many 5a75701aa85eb75247d46d3bd27f8d58845ba8ee9c7fb4838dd10dd5961008ee funding yes gobject vote-many c41b154749081696a8aba3b8d7cc87e2e9fdee14dfcd623849ae63b58eaee136 funding yes

Look for more news on how to partake in our upcoming wallet testing rounds, orderbook developments and more in updates to come or join our Discord community.

Also track progress on our official roadmap here: https://stakenet.io/roadmap/

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