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July-September 2020 — StakerDAO Event Calendar

Meet the StakerDAO team and learn about our vision for the future of decentralized finance.

September 24th — AIBC Americas Digital Summit

Join our team at AIBC Americas Digital Summit! Christian Arita will be on the panel: DARE TO DEFI? WHAT’S THE RETURN ON INVESTEMENT? at 15:40–16:00 CET.

Register here .

September 23rd— AMA on Tezos Reddit

StakerDAO and Stove Labs present Wrapped Tezos AMA on Wednesday, September 23rd at 10am PT / 7pm CET
Join us on Tezos Reddit!

August 5th — DEFI CONFERENCE 2020, The Rise of Decentralized Finance

Join our team at the DeFi conference 2020 by Bitcoin Events! Jonas Lamis will be on the panel DeFi: Security in DeFi at 16:20pm-17:00pm GMt+2 on Track 1.

Register here .

July 22nd — CoinAgenda Virtual event, “The DeFi Revolution”

We will be discussing the DeFi Revolution at @CoinAgenda. Join the panel on “Decentralized Finance” with: Alex Mashinsky, Founder & CEO, Celsius Network , Jonas Lamis, Founder & CEO at StakerDAO. July 22, 10:40–11:05 PDT. Sign up here.

July 15–19th — ABS 2020, Virtual Conference

Join our team at Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 ! Jonas Lamis will be on the panel DeFi panel.

Register here with our invitation code STAKERDAO.ABS under “EARTH Ticket. ” 🌍🌍🌍

July 7th — StakerDAO community call, live on YouTube

Join Our Council, Ops team, and STKR holders call through our live YouTube broadcast! Tuesday, July 7th, 9am PST.

We will open the floor for questions. Please add your questions as comments to this tweet, and we will do our best to get you answered.



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StakerDAO is a platform for governing financial assets in a decentralized, secure, and compliant manner.