The Wrap: Take A Load Off Jack

Good morning and happy 5779 to all our Jewish traders who celebrated Rosh Hashanah this week. May the New Year bring you sweet returns.

Top 5 Stocks on Stake

  1. Amazon (-3.01%)
  2. Cronos Group (22.8%)
  3. Apple (-2.78%)
  4. Facebook (-7.22%)
  5. Advanced Micro Devices (8.78%)

Friends give stock tips. Best friends give the US market

We all want to be that person in the know, the go-to guy (or gal) for advice on stocks, business, where the best restaurant is.

Good news. If your friends aren’t already on Stake then you’re the one. The inside guy (or gal) with the latest thing they’re missing out on. And this esteemed insider knowledge, won’t last long. The word’s getting out.

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Take A Load Off Jack

Last week, Jack Ma, the man who made it possible for us to buy a Boeing 747, an oil tanker and hundreds of thousands of other products online, announced his retirement as Executive Chairman of Alibaba (BABA). He’ll be passing the torch to CEO David Zhang in September of next year.

Ma is the first founder of a Chinese tech giant to retire at the ripe age of 54. To put it in perspective, Bill Gates was 58 when he retired. While the other founders of China’s tech giants are a bit younger than Ma— Tencent (46), (45), Baidu (49 & 54) — Ma’s move could signal a change in the long-standing tradition of China’s tycoons working late into their twilight years. This is pure speculation between me and the NYTimes but, we’ll see.

Stake traders have taken Ma’s announcement well with BABA up 52% in volume this week.

Better For It

After Nike released a (somewhat) contentious advertising campaign with Colin Kaepernick last week, Stake traders showed their true colors. While Nike’s price was dropping, buys on Stake increased 280%.

Background: Colin Kaepernick is an NFL player that began the habit of players kneeling during the pre-game national anthem to protest racial injustice in the US. He’s been a free agent since the start of the 2017 season when he first took a knee and is currently in a legal battle with the league claiming they’ve colluded not to hire him.

Good crazy

What’s the swoosh?

Last week, Nike released its 30th-anniversary campaign celebrating “Just Do It” with Kaep as the face. The US has been freaking out since the release with one Mayor banning his city’s rec centres from buying Nike products. Nike’s call centre reps have shared some harrowing stories of callers boycotting the company and even President Trump chimed in on Twitter (as you do).

All press is good press in Nike’s case though. Online sales were up 31% after the campaign went live and by market close Monday, NKE had fully recovered from the dip it took the day Kaep was released.

In other news, if you like putting your money where your values lie and believe in what Kaep stands for, we’ve just listed an ETF that tracks companies screened by the NAACP. Called the Minority Empowerment ETF (NACP), it’s up 0.15% on the day.

Next up in the Steve Jobs Theatre: Death of the Home Button

If you believe the many, many rumours and many, many leaks, Apple (AAPL) is releasing three new iPhones at an event in California on Wednesday. Here are the rumours: the screens keep getting bigger, one phone might be cheaper and the home button is highly unlikely to make a reappearance anytime soon.

For the early birds and Apple fanatics out there, the event kicks off at 3am AEDT tonight and is live streaming on Apple’s website.

Women Talking Stocks on WhatsApp

Our pocket sizes and investment portfolios have been small for too long. Women make up 20% of the Stake community and 50% of the population. We’re taking a tiny, tiny step in a very long road to equality by launching a WhatsApp group for women to talk stocks, chat through ideas and share stories of their journey on Stake.

There are also active groups for users interested in Tesla, FAANGs and a general group on Facebook talking all things Stake. Trading is better experienced with friends. Get amongst it.

Alex — Student, 20

Living in Sydney, with a tutoring and intern salary of $20K.

“The returns are a big part of why I invest but not the only part. An extra $100 in my trading account doesn’t translate to any difference in my day to day life. If I did it only for the money, I would be better off working behind a bar.”

Check out how this man is a student of the markets.

Best buy of the week 🏆

Rising tides lift the fastest boats.

Nothing like a speed boat ride. This week’s best buy goes to the trader who made 30% since last Wednesday on MCBC Holdings (the maker of MasterCraft boats). Thanks for showing the rest of us it’s not just a dream.

5 stocks gaining like Alex’s dreams of winning Fantasy Football

  1. MCBC Holdings (25.39%)
  2. Sears (25.37%)
  3. GameStop (21.55%)
  4. Arbutus Biopharma (18.68%)
  5. Quanex Building Products (18.6%)

5 stocks dropping like Grace’s prospects of winning Fantasy Football

  1. Maiden Holdings (-32.24%)
  2. Advaxis (-29.66%)
  3. Korn/Ferry International (-27.05%)
  4. Sangamo Therapeutics (-24.66%)
  5. Orchids Paper Products Company (-24.52%)