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Cream.Finance Overview

Cream(Crypto Rules Everything Around Me) Finance is an open and inclusive financial system built on smart contracts.

It allows borrowing and lending of crypto assets (similar to Compound) and adds a Balancer Automated Market Maker (AMM) on top of the protocol to facilitate market-making for trades, rewarding users Cream tokens for their participation.

Lend and borrow cryptocurrencies on Cream

Cream’s interface is similar to Compound’s, with a supply and demand interface on the front page.

Users can enable the asset to be used as collateral, deposit the asset into the smart contract, and supply it to the protocol, earning a small yield in return plus Cream governance tokens.

For borrowers, they can also borrow assets from the protocol in the borrow section.

Swap tokens with Cream

Cream also allows users to swap between cryptocurrencies on their Swap page, including between LP tokens and their native counterparts such as as yyCRV <> USDC and yETH <> WETH.

Cream is also incentivizing certain shared liquidity pools on their Pools page, which qualify for Cream reward tokens.

To earn the reward tokens, users need to first contribute liquidity to those pools, either using the multi-asset or single-asset deposit functionality.

Then, with the liquidity pool tokens, represented by CRPT, users must stake those LP tokens into the staking contract in the Reward tab before they qualify for Cream rewards.

creamY liquidity pool

Cream also announced creamY, a dynamically updateable AMM which consolidates liquidity while providing the best qualities of the AMMs (Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, and Blackholeswap) it borrows from.

(once launched, we will update this section with more details on Cream’s new stablecoin AMM — stay tuned!)



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