fees.wtf WTF airdrop for Ethereum users

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4 min readJan 14, 2022

Fees.wtf — a multi-chain dashboard app — is giving out an airdrop for its token $WTF to all Ethereum addresses who have spent at least 0.05 ETH on gas by block 13916450.


As a dashboard, the website shows you how much you’ve spent on Ethereum gas fees in your wallet’s lifetime. It not only shows you the amount in ETH, but also the dollar value of your gas fees.

It also shows you how many failed transactions you’ve made on Ethereum, and how much gas you’ve paid for these transactions — ouch!

fees.wtf was previously featured in our article below as a useful tool to keep track of gas costs on your wallet.

$WTF airdrop

They announced on Twitter that they will be distributing an airdrop which will grant the following benefits:

  • $WTF tokens depending on spending
  • Official fees.wtf 1/1 NFT
  • Upcoming pro version of fees.wtf as long as you hold a WTF NFT
  • WTF rewards
  • LP and WTF staking
  • Upgradable referral link that pays you in ETH

To be eligible for the airdrop, you’d need to spend at least 0.05 ETH in gas fees before block 13916450. The average claim is around 275 $WTF tokens.

How to claim the WTF airdrop?

Step 1: Head over to fees.wtf and connect your wallet

Step 2: View how much $WTF you can claim

Step 3: Click Claim

You’ll be brought to the claim page — in this page, you will also see how much WTF tokens you can claim.

Use this link to claim to attribute a referral fee to us at no additional cost to you

Step 4: Click Unlock

Read and agree to the terms of service.

There is a 0.01 ETH (~$33) service fee to register your address for the airdrop, this is split between the referral (if any) and the team. You can find your referral link in the referral links tab.

Cost to unlock at 100 Gwei

If you do not already have a referral link, you can use ours.

fees.wtf unique NFT

The 0.01 service fee goes into minting a unique NFT linked to your address.

Each NFT is unique and updated in real-time to show the current USD value of the gas you spent up until the snapshot.

Holding your NFT in your wallet also gives you access to the pro version of fees.wtf when it’s released.

The Pro version of the product when launched, will show metrics, charts, and useful insights into how and where you got rekt by fees.

$WTF tokenomics

Before claiming, it might be good to be familiar with the tokenomics as there are two potential costs:

  • 0.01 ETH service fee
  • Gas costs associated with claiming — dependent on prevailing gas

The maximum supply of $WTF is 1.761B tokens assuming all 5.6m wallets claim the airdrop. The initial supply is 100M tokens which will also seed the LP and WTF staking pools as well as the Treasury.

$WTF LP and Staking

You can choose to stake your $WTF tokens in the staking pool to earn more $WTF tokens. 456,0801 tokens are distributed each day to stakers.

To stake:

  • Head over to the staking page
  • Enter the amount of $WTF tokens to stake
  • Click stake

You can also provide liquidity to the WTF/ETH LP to earn more $WTF tokens. 913,601 tokens are distributed each day to liquidity providers.

To add liquidity:

  • Head over to this Uniswap page
  • Enter the amount of $WTF and $ETH to provide liquidity for
  • Add liquidity
  • Stake the LP tokens on the fees.wtf page

Is the WTF airdrop worth claiming?

Recent airdrops such as OpenDAO, GasDAO and LooksRare have been very profitable with most resulting in net gains after accounting for gas and transfer fees to exchanges.

Still, it may be prudent to wait several hours to several days before claiming to see where prices of the $WTF head to. With this information you can make a more informed cost-benefit analysis of whether to pay the associated costs of claiming the airdrop.

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