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How to create a Coinbase Wallet to send & receive cryptocurrencies

The Coinbase Wallet is a non-custodial wallet by Coinbase. Unlike the Coinbase app, the Coinbase Wallet is a secure app to store crypto yourself without a third-party owning your private keys.

Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to create a Coinbase Wallet and transfer cryptocurrencies.

Download the Coinbase Wallet app on your mobile phone.

Click on Create a new wallet and accept the privacy policy and terms of service.

Pick a username which will be how Coinbase Wallet users can find you and send you payments.

Set your privacy preferences for your username, I chose Public.

Set the method to protect your wallet, I chose Use Face ID. This will trigger Face ID to authenticate the user whenever the app is opened.

Back up your wallet using the secret recovery phrase, either offline on a piece of paper or through iCloud.

If you use iCloud, the app will prompt you to set a password to restore this phrase.

Once done, your personal crypto wallet has been created and you can now send and receive funds without a bank account.

Receiving cryptocurrencies

To receive funds, click on the Receive button and choose any supported coin you’d like to receive. You’ll be given a public address to share with the sender.

Alternatively, you could also share your username with other Coinbase Wallet users to receive funds with your username only.



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