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Ledger launches Nano S Plus for DeFi and NFT users

Ledger announced the launch of a new Nano S Plus hardware wallet designed for securely storing cryptocurrencies and NFTs offline in a secure envrionment.

Similar to the old Nano S, which was first launched way back in 2016 back when cryptocurrencies weren’t as popular, the Nano S Plus comes in a simple, no frills design. The core of it is hardware powered by a Certified Secure Chip (CC EAL5+) that stores your private key safely.

However, the Nano S Plus delivers an upgraded experience in many ways too, including:

  • A larger 128x64px screen to make it easier to navigate and sign transactions
  • More memory so you can install over 100 apps simultaneously
  • USBC connectivity
  • Ability to manage NFTs through the Ledger Live app

With the upgrades coming at just $30 extra compared to the previous version, the Ledger Nano S Plus is a valuable purchase both as a first hardware wallet or backup wallet to an existing Ledger Nano X. We wrote about them in our previous review.

If you are keen on getting one, we recommend purchasing one through our affiliate link at no additional cost to you.

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