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Track protocol revenue with DeFiLlama Fees and Revenue Dashboard

DeFiLlama announced the release of its fees + revenue dashboard.

DeFiLlama Fees dashboard

Completely open source, this dashboard tracks total fees (how much users spend) and revenue (how much the protocol makes) across chains and protocols by calculating money going to either token holders or protocol treasury.

This is useful information if you are keen to invest in a project’s token that is revenue generating. Not all protocols are mindless speculation, some projects actually create value for their token holders in some form or another, for example, through token buybacks, staking rewards and more.

For those looking to see which protocols are the highest revenue generating in the last 24 hours, simply sort the last column.

You can also navigate between blockchains by toggling the filter on the top.

Developers can integrate their protocols by making PR to the repo.

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