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Event report: 30/11 conference

Last weekend, we had the occasion to give our first Blockchain & ICON conference. We will summarize in this article the topics covered, the feedback we received and possible improvements to this format. The formula we designed seems to have worked, it is also an opportunity for each ICONist to organize its own conference, do not hesitate to use this material!

We designed this conference to raise awareness among no-coiners about Blockchain technologies and the problems they solve, and to show them that this ecosystem is conducive to entrepreneurship.

Our audience was mainly composed of Tech students evolving in different fields (Development, Data, Webmarketing, Design…). Our main purpose was to show that the world of Web3, where everything is to be built, was not exclusively reserved for developers and that mass adoption could only be achieved through a major UX work, for example. The idea was to introduce them to generals Blockchain concept before diving in ICON and how to get started on this technology.

The format

Introduction and our background

We kicked off this event by presenting Sharpn, Certiv (our diploma certification DApp), and our activity as ICON main PReps.

Demystify the Blockchain and the web3 philosophy

This part is very important, the goal is to know how to explain very simply how this technology works, how to get rid of third parties is a crucial issue today. To explain it, we chose the allegory of the village (read more here).

We then presented the Web3 philosophy with examples, how centralization is a big problem these days. We have taken the example of user data in election manipulation scandals such as Cambridge Analytica for example.

The Blockchain ecosystem, a world open to all profiles

This part breaks the myth of a world of the Blockchain exclusively reserved for the devs. We show here that any technical profile is a potential builder. We expose the #Buidl current, the UX stakes as well as the reasons for the 2017 crash (especially the business not responding to any problems and just surfing on the Blockchain hype).

Few examples of Blockchain business

This part present a few examples of Blockchain related business, we picked, Ledger, Te-Food and Libra! We explain why Libra is controversial, why it is not a decentralized crypto-currency. We took the opportunity to present the “trième of the Blockchain” and the conditions for designing the “Ultimate Blockchain”.

ICON and the IIS

Once we had laid all the groundwork, we were able to get to the heart of the matter. This part allowed us to present the ICON and its IISS system. We have taken up the allegory of the village in order to be able to simply explain the DPoS system. We then explained ICX’s inflation system and how this ecosystem stimulated its growth via EEPs or DBPs. We then explained the SCORE system, its advantages and how it is easy to be able to start developing them.

The 2nd part concerning ICON made it possible to show that any type of technological profile had its place in the ICON ecosystem. We took several examples: Parrot9 as a UX/UI designer team, ICONbet and their casino based on SCORE and finally the Mineable Marketing team.

Conclusion & ICON Hackathon

We concluded by teasing our Hackathon project, we explained that it would be the perfect occasion to get started with ICON building.

We were really glad to see some spectators interested in our Hackathon project after the event!

Here is the slides link in case if you want to check it out, not a lot of content on them but it will give you an idea of our plan.

What can be improved

We think that a part where we explain in detail all Blockchain use cases (immutability, traceability, transparency, etc.) could help a lot of spectators to picture what they can achieve with this technology.

That’s all! Don’t mind ask us any questions if you want tips to organize your own ICON conference!





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