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Our vision for ICON in 2023

2023 is starting and we want to take that opportunity to share our vision and plans for the ICON ecosystem.

The Staky team is currently composed of 6 builders. Over the past few years, we have been involved as ICON validators but also with several protocols and projects. We have gradually increased our active time devoted to ICON projects until we have become full-time contributors to ICON.

As you know, interoperability/BTP is a highly anticipated feature in the ICON ecosystem, being able to build cross-chain protocols and applications is also what motivated us to commit as full-time ICON contributors.

But as many are asking: when? Interoperability is as exciting as it sounds but ICON needs to have protocols building on top of BTP to thrive. For 2023, we are committed to playing a major role in the adoption of BTP, by creating use cases around our DApps and educating on this topic.

The BTP repository has been updated with material allowing any DApp developer just like us to easily start to build around BTP. This update is a major step forward because it allowed us to start our adaptations around the BTP (see below)

Craft is an NFT marketplace focused on interoperability. Counting thousands of users and among the top 3 DApps of ICON (according to, Craft is the home of the best NFT collections of ICON but we’re just getting started.

Thanks to the ICON CPS, we are currently working on a cross-chain NFT standard that will allow any NFT builders to access cross-chain features and liquidity. This will benefit Craft of course but this standard will be open-sourced and we’re aiming to perform our first cross-chain NFT transactions in Testnet as soon as early January.

Equality is a Stable Swap implementation for the ICON ecosystem, we are involved in Equality as web app developers and have been quietly working on this product over 2022.

Equality public Testnet should be released in the coming weeks, we’re excited to share this protocol with ICONist. Please follow Equality Twitter account for updates!

We have recently released EverestSwap, an AMM built for SNOW and ICE! We are currently live on SNOW which is the canary network of ICE and we are preparing for the launch on the ICE network.

Another of our contributions was Agora, Agora is a voting system for ICON DAOs inspired by

With Agora, any token-based DAO can organize votes and deploy a dedicated UI to organize the DAO management.

Staky is currently relying on two sources of income to pay bills and builders:

  • $ICX delegations: While it’s not a major source of income, each vote counts! If you like Staky’s contribution, please consider delegating some ICX to our PRep node 🙏
  • The ICON CPS: The ICON CPS is our main source of funding and thanks to your support we were able to secure several months of operations thanks to the CPS.


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