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Staky will distribute OasisETH rewards to $ROSE delegators

August 21 updates:

After exploring all of our options, we have decided to wait for more OETH adoption before distributing the OETH. There are currently no existing tooling to safely link Oasis addresses to ERC-20 addresses. We are snapshotting your delegations daily and will distribute OETH accordingly!

The Oasis Ethereum paratime is about to get launched ๐Ÿš€

The first snapshot of OasisETH will occur at 2021/03/08 13:00:00 UTC+8 . All Oasis validators that will have their OasisETH synced will receive OETH tokens based on their stake on the $ROSE network.

Itโ€™s up to the validators to distribute their OETH to delegators or not. We decided to distribute our OETH to our delegators based on their stake to (If a delegator's stake equals 23% of total $ROSE delegations, he will receive 23% of the OETH received by Staky).

The OETH token is the native โ€œgasโ€ token of the Oasis Ethereum ParaTime. Users must pay OETH to process their transactions. The gas OETHs are burnt by the network.

There is a fixed total supply of 21 million OETHs. It is deflationary as the network burns gas. There is no token sale, nor investors, nor pre-mine. All tokens are awarded over time to node operators, developers, and the community.

If the distribution of OETH fails for our paratime, we will not be able to distribute OETH for the month of March. Distribution may be slightly delayed since we need some time to setup autmated distribution system.

How to delegate your $ROSE?

Here is a guide written by summing up the steps to delegate your $ROSE and therefore be eligible for OETH rewards:


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