Happy new year

It’s that time of the year again

To some it’s finally the holiday season,

To some others it’s knock of the last quarter for the sales run,

For the younger ones, it’s time to gear up for preparations, submissions and examinations,

It’s that time of the year,

When the beautiful winters turn the world pale

While to a few of a us, it’s just end of season sale,

It might be another year but not those times anymore,

When where you holiday didn’t matter just the sound of their laughter,

Some things will change, and not just the climate,

People too. So, take a look, say I love you, I am sorry, before it’s too late

Its that time of the year,

When you have a chance to reset yourself,

A chance to be closer to being yourself,

Remind yourself of that Christmas and new year,

When you couldnt sleep all night,

What was that you wanted,

Wake up today, wake up really this time,

And dream with open eyes,

Take the first step,

A small step,

Not for yourself but for the hope,

The hope that this time, you will act,

You will fight to be yourself,

World could be proud to be a better place again,

Act, remember the whole world is waiting!

I wish you a very very happy 2018

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