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Christmas 1970

1970 Christmas Stamps
The Postmaster in 1956 was Hugues Lapointe (November 3, 1955 — June 21, 1957)
Faces of Children
Edmonton Journal 17 Dec 1969
Leader-Post Regina 11 Feb 1970 — Mrs. Nancy Dilow. director of the Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, and Allan Fleming of Ottawa, graphic designer review several thousand entries from all parts of Saskatchewan
Stamp issued in 1971, remembering Pierre Laporte murdered by the FLQ in October 1970
Santa Claus (Scott 519) Anthony Martin, age 5, of Marius, Manitoba
Horse Drawn Sleigh (Scott 520) Donna Niskala, age 9, of Macrorie, Saskatchewan;
Nativity (Scott 521) Lisa Wilson age 8, of Kamloops, British Columbia;
Children Skiing (Scott 522) Dwayne Durham, age 7, of Fort Erie, Ontario
Snowmen and Christmas Tree (Scott 523) Manon Lecompte, age 9, of Laprairie, Quebec.
Christ Child (Scott 524)Janet McKinney, age 8, of Saint John, New Brunswick
Children and Christmas Tree (Scott 525) Jean Pomerleau, age 8, of St. Paul, Alberta
Toy Store (Scott 526) Nancy Whatley, age 10, of Armdale, Nova Scotia.
Santa Claus (Scott 527) Eugene Bhattacharya, age 7, of St. John’s, Newfoundland.
Church (Scott 528)Joseph McMillan, age 12, of Summerville, Prince Edward Island.
Christ Child (Scott 529) Corinne Fortier, age 10, of St. Leon, Manitoba.
Snowmobile and Trees (Scott 530) Tanis Dojcak, age 10, of Flin Flon, Manitoba.
  • Designed by Children
  • Have more than 2 stamps in an issue
  • Bear the image of Santa
  • Bear the image of Baby Jesus
  • Have year of the issue clearly in the design of the stamp prominently



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