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Laura Secord

Laura Secord — Scott #2651 —(2013) P (63¢)
“Encampment of the Loyalists in Johnstown, a new settlement on the banks of the River St. Lawrence, in Canada West,” courtesy of Archives Ontario.
1783 Treaty Of Paris
1812 James Madison — Declaration of War, No Turning Back.
War of 1812 Website Battle of Queenston Heights
Postcard of Residence of Laura Secord — Queenston, Ontario
A Map of Laura Secord’s Walk
Lieutenant FitzGibbon wrote this testimony for Laura Secord in 1820
Photo by scotdeerie
One of the few known photo of Laura Secord circa 1860s
Advertisement, the Toronto Star, November 23, 1921.
Maryvale Estate, near Victoria Park Avenue and Ellesmere Road, upon completion in 1933.
Senator for Scarborough Junction, Ontario Circa 1935
Box of Laura Secord Circa 1960s
Leclerc Brothers
Laura Secord modern Logo
Canada Stamp Scott #1434 — Laura Secord, Patriot (1992) 42¢
Canada Stamp #2651 — Laura Secord (1775–1868) (2013) P (63¢)
Laura Secord’s Monument which is located overlooking the lower Niagara River and the village of Queenston.



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