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Sean Keum
Sean Keum
Sep 25 · 2 min read

The concept of “social media” is not new. “VR” is certainly newer, but it’s been around for some time now. But do you know what’s actually new, and also futuristic? “Social VR.” My previous post explains how social VR, when executed well, is a true formula for social maturity and technological growth.

Stan World is the product of this formula. Let me show you how it goes beyond the ordinary to enrich those ordinary aspects of our lives.

1. Stan World is more than just a social platform, it is a new reality.

The community-driven, social VR ecosystem enables users to live inside a fully immersive world, where fans of artists and celebrities will be able to enjoy activities (i.e. VR concerts) for a unique interactive experience along with their friends and the community.

Stan World’s initial contents of focus are K-pop and anime. So there is a definite focus on the “fans,” of those areas. But don’t worry, other users who just want to have a great social VR experience will also feel right at home.

2. Stan World uses cryptocurrency.

As the key currency in Stan World, “STAN Coin” is powered by blockchain technology to ensure automatic, secure, and fast transfers.

Because Stan World is built for artists, creators, and fans and fandoms, STAN coin is also used to compensate creators. Think of this as a content-sharing platform on steroids, where creators make profit from their creations that include not only videos, but also items, experiences, and games.

Have you wondered how long it will take for virtual currency to be used widely in the real world? To say the least, that’s not very far off in the future. And Stan World will take leadership in the process.

3. Stan World is fueled by its powerful AI creation tool.

Customization in Stan World is done easily through the AI creation tool. This tool is your “Genie” that lets you spark all kinds of magic into life. Create virtual avatars, environments, media, and more.

What is most appealing about VR? To me, VR’s greatest asset lies in its ability to create activities that are seemingly unrealistic but also very real, tangible experiences. It brings out the creative side that’s hidden inside all of us. So be creative. Be anyone you want to be, create anything you want to create, and live anywhere you want to live. Use the creation tool to spread the message. Stan World will become your wings of freedom.

Stan World is social VR done the right way, in the most realistic and desirable manner. And it’s right around the corner — STAN Coin sales will launch 9/26/2019, UTC 06:00 on ProBit Exchange. Don’t miss it, Apply Now.

Stan World


Sean Keum

Written by

Sean Keum

Psychologist, Researcher at Stan World

Stan World


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