Guide: How to create your own ERC-20 Wallet with MetaMask

Jin Yu
Jin Yu
Sep 18 · 3 min read


With the launch of Stan World, we want to help ensure all Stanners have access to their ERC-20 Wallets and know how to set it up in case you have forgotten.

Your ERC-20 Wallet will be your primary source for storing your tokens, conducting transactions within and in relevance to Stan World.

Check out Stan World, press the ‘Get it NOW’ button and let’s go!

Documents and Essential Items

  1. Once you click ‘Get it NOW’, you’ll be directed to the application page where it will ask you to submit your ‘legal name’ (exactly how it appears on your Passport)
  2. Country of Citizenship- just search and enter the country you’re a citizen of!
  3. Identification Documents — Passport; you’ll be asked to submit a copy of your passport to securely identify you’re are the only person conducting any sorts of transactions within your account.
  4. Enter the email address you would like to receive communication letters to!
  5. Cryptocurrency Option — choose which Cryptocurrency you will use to purchase Stan Coins. (This method can be changed later)
  6. Tell us how much of the currency you have chosen, you’re planning on spending
  7. *CRITICAL STEP* If you already have a ERC-20 Wallet, securely copy and paste the info into the box. Once you have securely done so, click next and ‘Submit’ your application.

Signing up for your own ERC-20 Wallet

  1. Copy and paste the link to your browser,

Once directed on to this website, click “Get Chrome Extension”

2. After getting directed, add “MetaMask” as an extension to your browser.

3. Click the “Get Started” Button to proceed.

4. If you have an existing wallet, click “Import Wallet” and if you don’t, like me, click “Create Wallet”.

Once you agree to the terms and set a password, it’ll direct you to a page where it first blurs out a text box.

Click reveal and DON’T share this with anyone! This is essentially the key to accessing your wallet. Copy the text and store it safely where only you have access to.

You’ll have to remember it as on the next page, it’ll ask you to re-phrase what the word box said.

5. Upon following these steps, you should be good to go! And should be directed to a page congratulating you!

6. Have your password secured away, as this is another critical component used for security purposes!

7. After following all the steps, you should have a MetaMask Extension where you can directly access your wallet.

And, there you go!

The only critical next step is joining me, at Stan World

Jin Yu

Written by

Jin Yu

Business Developer at Stan World

Stan World


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