What is brand identity?

In short a brand’s identity is the visual face of a brand. A brand being the face of a product, service, organisation, or person.

Brand identity is a very complex system consisting of dozens, or sometimes even hundreds of visual aspects that stand between you and your customers. Basically anything that your customer, or potential customer, sees or engage with when dealing with your brand is a brand contact point.

Ok, what is a brand contact point?

Again a brand contact point is anything that your customer, or potential customer, comes into contact with when engaging with your brand. The most obvious examples are your: brand’s name, logo, website, social media pages, products and business cards.

The less obvious examples, but equally as important, are your: customer service, personal presentation, physical office or store, company cars, and more.

Basically anything that your customer sees, hears, feels, smells, tastes or touches at any point of their interaction with your brand is a brand contact point.

Now your challenge as a business owner is to ensure that the identity of your brand is successfully represented across all contact points.

The key to creating a great identity is not just having a pretty logo, (although that is very important) your identity as a whole needs to be good looking and, even more importantly, it needs to be consistent in communicating the same message. That message is the story of your brand. What makes you better, what makes you unique, the reason why the world should care.

The only way that is going to happen is by investing in your branding. That means having a strong and fool proof brand strategy, remarkable and unforgettable branding, and strong visual communications across all of your contact points. It is no longer optional, it is a necessity. And if you are not doing it properly, just remember that your competition will.

In short your business has to STAND OUT.

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