Announcing the launch of Focals Showroom, powered by Standard Cyborg

Garrett Spiegel
Sep 18, 2019 · 4 min read

Standard Cyborg (YC W15) and North (YC W13) announce the launch of Focals Showroom — North’s mobile-based virtual try-on, 3D scanning and fitting app, powered by Standard Cyborg’s computer vision tools.

Source: Focals Showroom launch video (Left-to-Right: 3D scan, Virtual Try-On, Focals Ordering)

What we’ve been working on

For the past year, our team has been heads-down, focused on making an entirely new set of edge SDK and cloud tools for computer vision.

Our key observation has been this: The tools for developers and teams to capture, analyze, and collaborate on computer vision (2D & 3D images and video) data are complex and disparate, and have license-restrictive dependencies, arcane file formats, and a lack of cloud tools. These tools address the technical challenges but don’t address the needs of 99% of the people who want to use this technology but aren’t computer vision experts.

Our aim has always been to multiply the potential of the real world. And we realize that this contribution: making computer vision accessible to all, is the largest lever we could stand on.

Our most public implementation so far has been Capture; our own proof-of-concept 3D scanning app for the TrueDepth camera that is the #1 3D scanning app in the App Store. It’s been amazing to see hundreds of thousands of users discover the joy of capturing the world around them in a new way.

Source: Macworld

Yet, while we love to see how users create with Capture, we continue to be most excited about giving businesses and organizations great tools, APIs, and SDKs — ultimately empowering them to change the world.

One of the many ways partners use our tools is by bringing the showroom home to the user , giving everyone the ability to digitally interact with a physical product much like they would in a real-life store — but from anywhere. 200M+ sensors, already living in pockets around the world, become accessible, already deployed tools that enable the user to know if those glasses or shoes will both fit and look good. The user can digitize their anthropometry using our 2D + 3D scanning tools, have the computer understand its shape with on-device machine learning models, and generate recommended fits using sub-mm accurate measurements and geometry algorithms.

The Launch of Focals Showroom

So today we are so excited to announce a new partnership (which will kick off a season of really big announcements — stay tuned!).

North (YC13) announced Focals smart glasses in October 2018, launching, as they say, “the start of the evolution of traditional eyewear with stylish glasses that project an invisible display only the wearer can see, connecting them to their digital world.” The experience really is amazing.

Source: North Media Room

When we started talking to their team, the goals were clear and obvious: North launched Focals with two flagship locations in Brooklyn and Toronto and later launched traveling, pop-up showrooms that introduced customers to Focals with hands-on demo experiences and enabled users to get 3D scanned and fit for their custom pair. Yet, the fitting was limited to these physical locations equipped with bespoke scanning setups. North wanted to scale access to purchasing Focals, and combining our SDKs and their visionary leadership in the eyewear market, we now have the chance to bring the experience of Focals to over 200 million pockets at-home, at-work, or on the subway.

Over the past few months, we have really enjoyed getting to know the incredible team at North. We really could not have asked for a better partner. Try Focals Showroom out yourself!

How to keep in touch

If you’d like a tasteful, no more than twice a month, email update of what we and our partners are up, sign up here.

Interested in trying out our SDK? Take a look at our docs and signup to get your API key here. Be on the lookout for new feature releases and tools soon.

If you’d like to learn more about our solution for eyewear (or our templates for faces, feet, or generalized scanning), send me a note here! We’d love to see if we can power your product as well!

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