Our next chapter

When Garrett and I started Standard Cyborg, we dreamed of enabling the fast and efficient design of custom-fabricated orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) around the world. And that dream is becoming reality. Our product is now the very best product in its category — and has been used to help thousands of patients by our amazing practitoner-partners.

Our software is used in for-profit, non-profit, NGO, government, and research contexts in 23 countries and 6 continents. It is now a part of O&P curriculums at the top schools in the US. Here’s a global highlight:

The Standard Cyborg O&P Community

Experts estimate there are ~100M people around the world that require a prosthetic or orthotic device yet only 10% of those in need have access to a device due to lack of trained personnel or the high cost of the service and components. We will continue to work with our clinical partners to expand access through our tools. The map above is just a snapshot and it will get more crowded soon — we love our O&P customers and are excited to continue to add to this community.

What’s Coming Soon

Automatically applied changes

Next week, we are launching software that enables practitioners to create workflows where they can “copy and paste” their recipe from one scan to the next. This system will do the rote repetition of manual tasks and let clinicians add their customized, clinical insight where it counts. This will enable practitioners to scan, design, and order in a matter of minutes.

At our core, we care about helping people reach their fullest potential through interfaces designed just for them. And we’ve always had an inkling and conviction that the technology that we are building applies far more broadly, enabling the customization of physical products far and wide. And that has started to happen. Our software has been used to design face masks, fracture casts, braces of all kinds, shoe orthotics, and many other custom products. And this is just the start.

Starting next week, we will begin to focus more on a generalized design automation platform to power the next generation of custom-fit applications. We are excited to focus on integrating elements like simulation and multi-material design that will benefit all of our customers, including orthotic and prosthetic applications.

In fact, much of the difficulty in creating custom-fit products is that each company has to redo the difficult 3D technical stack for even simple applications. Whether it’s scan segmentation, design workflows, or Design For Manufacturing (DFM), existing tools are incomplete. They were designed for an old paradigm where you design once and manufacture a million times, not for designing each object one-at- a-time. With our new system, you’ll now be able to mass-customize football helmets, shoe inserts or shoes, fracture casts, and so much more.

We think it makes sense for companies to spend time on what they do best: their product, their brand, their marketing, their sales, their customer service, and not sink potentially millions of dollars into generalized problems that have already been solved.


We’re excited to help make the custom-fit ecosystem come to life! We expect to see dozens if not hundreds of custom-fit medical, pseudo-medical, sportswear, and consumer products launched in the coming few years.

If you are interested in powering a custom-fit application — reach out to us, we would love to learn more.

— Jeff, cofounder and CEO