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The UST Collapse and its Significance for Stablecoins and Asset-Backed Tokens


What Caused the Collapse

Anchor’s Away

Lack of Funds for a Safety Net

The Writing was on the Wall

The End of Algorithmic Stablecoins?

…it depends on how you define “algorithmic stablecoins”. If you classify algorithmic stablecoins as those with zero or less than 20% of collateral, then it’s a resounding “yes”. He clarified that he thinks models like Frax — which have high collateral factors — are here to stay.

Response on the Hill

More Transparency Around Stablecoins

Looking Towards the Future

The senators say TerraUSD’s collapse underscores the need for the regulatory framework they plan to propose.

Bringing Standards to a Nascent Market

  1. Standard is backed by a basket of assets
  2. SDA token is only created when value comes into the treasury (i.e., value in=value out)
  3. SDA is not a stablecoin

Standard…it’s Backed

The Last Defense Against Hyperinflation (It’s Only Transitory…)

Free Float, Not Free Fallin’

The Bottom Line

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