Purest form of drinking water

Have you ever wondered if there is anything around us which is 100% pure? The answer is: yes. Is it product of human invention? Obviously not.

Today I am writing about a drupe which comes from coconut tree, a descendant of Palm family. It is green to the external world and pure white to the internal. In size it can be as big as an infant’s head or an adults when fully grown. Yes, I’m talking about the stone fruit often called ‘Tender Coconut’.

Unaware of the outside world which is mean, contaminated, environmentally disastrous and potentially harmful for all living species, a thick hard skin fruit is turning mature, babying water inside it which is not only a refreshing drink consumed widely but also is an example of the purest form of water ever known to men. Young and immature coconuts are taken off the tree-top — place where they fruit after 5–6 months of undisturbed tenure for the purpose of reaping its drink.

Why do I say it is 100 percent pure?

During the whole life cycle of tender coconut from tiny nut to a fully developed fruit, the water inside is inaccessible to the external environment. It is protected by a very thick-solid membrane so thick that it can’t be cut with bare hands and require machete like tool to cut it open. It is like nature’s own little laboratory where sweet-sterile-clear liquid is developed. At no point till its maturity it stands any chance of contamination.

Today fruits we consume come with a lot of preservatives, chemicals and other unnatural substances. This intended contamination is done to expedite the fruit life cycle or to extend it’s life expectancy. So basically commercialization of fruits by producers and vendors put eaters life at stake and the worst part is that a common man doesn’t know about it because he is busy in his own little world.

But tender coconut is so strong, that no needle or osmosis process can pass through the thick wall. It takes its own time before it’s ready to be served. Also, it is a good source of fiber, sodium, carbs and fats which are required by human body.

Therefore, tender coconut makes the purest water of all the sources that exist. And maybe one of the reasons I consume one every morning after cycling.

Happy drinking Tender Coconut Water then! Do tell this to your kids after reading.

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