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Apr 3, 2019 · 3 min read

Sylvan 30 located off Highway 30 is one of the Bishop Arts’ largest real estate developments in recent years. There’s food here, there’s drinks — culture abounds. It’s different than the Bishop Arts of old.

With a bevy of locally sourced business, Sylvan 30 provides a unique and refreshing take on the typical national tenant developments that pepper DFW.

A certain kind of food freedom permeates the air here. You’ve got coffee, italian, locally sourced grocery, and more. Given the selection, perhaps the most significant and authentic of them all is Ten Ramen. We like to think of Ten Ramen as one of the most authentic no-holds-barred ramen experiences in all of DFW.

For those who aren’t familiar, ramen is actually a Japanese adaption of chinese wheat noodles first introduced to Japan in the late 19th century. Ramen gained popularity following Japan’s defeat in WWII as a cheap, reliable food staple. Due to a rice shortage, the USA provided excess wheat flour to Japan and ramen stands popped up all over the country. Later, with the introduction of instant ramen, the rest was history.

Ramen today has grown even more complicated and nuanced. Butter, corn, eggs, chili powder — you name it and it’s in there. Just like pizza can be a blank canvas of creativity, Ramen is that canvas for the Japanese. There’s Yuzu ramen, Tonkotsu, Shio, Shoyu, Miso, Tsukemen, and more. The varieties are almost endless and the opinions of those who make the dish can be extremely opinionated.

So what makes Ten Ramen so unique? Counter service only. That’s right — no to go, no order ahead. You get here, wait in line, fight for a spot, and eat until you can’t eat anymore. In a world full of immediate gratification, Ten Ramen flies in the face of our current trends and sells an experience that’s just as satisfying as the flavors it dishes out.

Upon first arrival, you’re almost overwhelmed at the lack of space the restaurant provides. It’s borderline uncomfortable. However, when you take a moment to appreciate their vision, you realize that Ten Ramen is re-creating an experience reminiscent of what you might find in Japan. Aside from the great ramen, that’s where the magic of Ten lies and weirdly, we started to embrace the proximity of the restaurant.

To get to the heart of what makes Ten Ramen unique, Zach De Bernardi — CEO & Founder of The Standard sat down with Eric Gno — Head Chef of Ten Ramen Dallas.

Zach: What does Ten do, if anything differently than like a traditional Japanase-Tokyo style ramen? Do you guys highlight anything that would be different than that? Do you try to stick to your roots? What sets y’all apart from other places?

Eric: I mean I feel like even with the chashu, most chashu is braised in a marinade……what we kinda did……was put a char on it on the gril. Even the quality of the chashu itself, it already has a flavor fully cooked, and it’s already braised. We just take everything from it and put it back on it to the grill so when we put that char on it, it brings out more flavor when we put the marinade back on.

Ten Ramen is located at 1888 Sylvan Ave, Dallas, TX 75208 and is open from 11:30 AM — 2:30 PM and 6 PM — 10:30PM every day of the week.

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Standard Review

A digital publication where real estate meets life. We dive into and tell stories about our agents, local hotspots, featured real estate, and more.

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