Artisan Doughnuts, Coffee and Cocktails Help Kansas City’s Doughnut Lounge #Standout in a Sea of Sameness

Jason Kintzler
Jan 11, 2018 · 3 min read
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The first time we saw that antlered doughnut hit the feed of Pitchengine, we were intrigued. Good design is paramount to garnering attention in 2018 and the Doughnut Lounge has certainly struck a chord with Kansas City restaurant goers.

And, it’s not just KC that’s tuned into what they’re serving. A recent appearance on Food Network, along with the opening of a food truck, and new locations has doughnut lovers buzzing about more than colored frosting.

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Doughnut Lounge featured on Food Network.

Doughnut Lounge is a client of Page Communications in Kansas City, Missouri, an agency that uses Pitchengine for a few dozen clients specializing in the restaurant, retail and lifestyle industries.

“Doughnut Lounge is a very unique concept that appeals to the masses, so naturally, they draw in quite a bit of attention,” explained Breanne Fritcher, Public Relations Account Executive at Page Communications.

“Where else can you find classic doughnuts, crazy doughnut creations, awesome breakfast items, coffee and tea, AND amazing cocktails? Doughnut Lounge is one-of-a-kind and everyone wants a taste,” she said.

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In 2018, PR is about much more than contacts and copy. It takes a great brand with genuine authenticity to standout. That’s something Doughnut Lounge gets right.

“It’s extremely important to be authentic, different and relevant to people in 2018, and every year. Consumers are turning more and more towards their peers and influencers that they trust to get their news and recommendations,” explained Fritcher.

“By delivering honest content that connects with target audiences in a way that tells a story, rather than just selling a pitch, businesses are more likely to attract the people their brand is targeting.”

We couldn’t agree more. And, that’s why we’ve selected Doughnut Lounge in Kansas City, Missouri as a Pitchengine #Standout!

Check out recent news about Doughnut Lounge on this Pitchengine Newsboard.

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“Doughnut kill my vibe 😍🍩✌️” via @doughnutlounge Instagram

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