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Jun 7 · 3 min read

When I get booked on a cool show, I frequently get messages from comics asking, “hey, how’d you get on that?” or “Can you give me the booker info for that show?” I try to be helpful, but I thought it’d be useful to get the longer version so you can learn what the process is actually like. This is how I got booked on a particularly cool show in Los Angeles from start to finish.

Note: I’m leaving out “get good at standup comedy” which I also had to do simultaneously with a lot of this other stuff.

  1. Got into improv in high school.
  2. Did it through college.
  3. When I moved to Portland, I started taking classes here.
  4. Worked my way up through program here. Eventually promoted to the main-stage show.
  5. Met a guy who was on the main-stage show. He’s funny. We get along. He used to live in LA so I had coffee with him and chatted about LA.
  6. Went to an improviser party. Ran into a woman who I’d seen perform and admired but didn’t know well. Made conversation. She suggests I audition for a show she was writing.
  7. Auditioned. Did okay. Got that part.
  8. Rehearsed and performed in that show for 16 shows.
  9. After that show one night, talking to one of the producers at a bar. Mentioned another show idea I’d been work on. She offers to produce it.
  10. Write, direct, book, produce, market that show.
  11. One guest invites friend who runs her own show. She likes me, asks me to do her show some day. It is much bigger than my show.
  12. Appear on her show. It goes well. She asks me to be a guest writer.
  13. Go to the writer meetings. Write a bunch of stuff. That goes well.
  14. She asks me to be a regular writer. Agree.
  15. Write for that show for a while.
  16. One episode, a comic from LA is booked. He is old friends with my improv friend from earlier. Neat! After the show, they go to bar and ask if I want to tag along.
  17. Hang at that bar. Mostly listen. My friend tells LA comic I’m good at standup. LA comic tells me to email booker of his show. Write down info.
  18. Email his booker about upcoming LA trip. Sorry we’re full.
  19. Six months later, book another trip to LA. Ask again. Sorry full.
  20. Wait a while. Pick a date three months in future. Email booker saying I’m going to be down again, this time for two weeks. Is there a spot either week? Yes on one. Booked.
  21. Plan trip around that show.
  22. Did the show.
  23. Got the messages asking who books it.

That’s it! That’s all you gotta do to get on a show like that.

The answer to most questions in comedy is a combination of writing, hustle, and getting super lucky. So if you’ve got a free minute, I highly recommend working on those three things.

I Guess I’m Writing Standup Comedy Advice Now

Just another comedian who thinks people need to hear his opinions of how to get better at comedy.

Alex Falcone

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Comedian. Podcaster. Author of a YA novel about a girl who falls in love with a cute mummy. Publisher’s Weekly called it “Unfortunate.”

I Guess I’m Writing Standup Comedy Advice Now

Just another comedian who thinks people need to hear his opinions of how to get better at comedy.

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