Our Investment in Jombone: Revolutionizing Blue Collar Staffing

Lucas Perlman
StandUp Ventures
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2 min readAug 26, 2022


StandUp Ventures is thrilled to announce our investment in Jombone’s $3.3M seed round. It’s also a privilege to be co-investing with some familiar faces in Export Development Canada (EDC), N49P, and The51.

Founded by Garima Sahdev, Sumit Sahdev, and Amit Arora, Jombone is a SaaS-enabled marketplace that provides a staffing platform for light-industrial business to identify, hire, manage, and pay blue collar hourly-wage employees.

Light industrial businesses (Logistics, Fulfillment, Manufacturing, Warehousing etc.) rely on a highly transient labour group of hourly wage workers. Some are looking for short term work, while others are hired an on-demand and contingent basis. High turnover and unpredictable demand cycles create a need for continuous recruitment. With record high labour shortages, increasingly high costs, and unprecedented competition between all segments of businesses, it’s never been more difficult for companies to find and attract talent in this segment.

The best option businesses have today is to use extremely expensive incumbent staffing agencies who charge a very high mark-up rate on wages paid. Managing this segment also creates extensive administrative overhead, as most businesses are still relying on silos of software, paper/excel to track timecards, cost allocations, and payroll.

Jombone provides turnkey access to a labour pool and digitalizes all aspects of recruiting, staffing and managing the workforce conveniently in a self-service manner at an affordable price. Their software helps businesses streamline candidate discovery, employee communication, budget management, shift scheduling, uses biometric based time entry to approve time sheets online, processes and distributes payroll, and more.

StandUp is extremely excited to welcome Garima, Sumit, and Amit to the portfolio. We’ve been so impressed with their knowledge of the market, their maturity, and their speed and tenacity in building out Jombone’s impressive product and early customer base.

Jombone is live in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec and will be launching in several new regions shortly. If you’re a light-industrial business looking to hire workforce — get in touch with the Jombone team!

The Jombone Team