003: Content Co-ordination

The planning stages of the magazine are almost over and it’s time for us to get to work.

In our third editorial meeting for Stand Up – the magazine devoted to giving young people a voice in UK politics – we ironed out some of the final planning issues.

Having discussed content and decided what each of the editorial team will be contributing in terms of features etc., we’ve even set up a schedule for when each feature will be completed by.

We’d like to thank everybody who sent in their thoughts on content they’d like Stand Up to cover. Hopefully when it comes to print in the summer we’ll have done your ideas justice.

We also looked into funding opportunities through advertisements and crowdfunding and we are ready to unveil our logo.

Editor of Design, Siarlot Lloyd has been working very hard and we’re pleased to have a logo completed so soon. If you want a sneak-peak exclusive first look follow ‘StandUpMag’ on Snapchat.


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