005 The media pack

We finally created the magazine document this week, so we’re growing ever closer to the reality of the physical magazine. It’s a little daunting at the moment, what with all the blank pages, but it’s also pretty exciting! We now have a logo and fonts and even a basic idea for layouts; it’s actually happening as we speak.

Our current project is getting a media pack together to show potential advertisers. Basically, we want to create a preview of what we hope the magazine will look like, so they know whether they want to advertise with us or not. Hopefully, more advertisers will mean we can print more copies, which means we can reach as many people as possible.

We’re sort of in a limbo stage at the moment, as we’ve moved out of the basic planning stages, but we’ve only just started to get content together in earnest. (And we’re all waiting on at least one quote, which is a special type of hell for journalists).

We’ll hopefully be starting on our crowdfunding video in the very near future, as well, so watch this space.

Siarlot Lloyd (Designer)