Whatever your summertime plans, you’ll need some good reads. Check out these titles, chosen by Stanford Book Salon faculty hosts.

Stanford Alumni brings you the Stanford Book Salon summer reading list

John W. Evans, the Jones Lecturer of Creative Writing, hosted The Book of Hulga for the Book Salon. He recommends:

NoViolet Bulawayo, The Jones Lecturer in Fiction, hosted Born on a Tuesday for the Book Salon this year. She recommends:

Marisa Galvez, PhD ’07, associate professor of French and by courtesy, of German Studies, hosted Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome for the Book Salon. She recommends:

Feel waves of new ideas — read like you’re 18 again

Each year, books are selected for incoming undergraduates to read through the Three Books program. This year, Noah Diffenbaugh, ’96, MS ’97, professor of earth system science and senior fellow in the Woods Institute for the Environment, selected the following titles around the theme of “sustainability and equity”.

Calling all armchair travelers

These books, recommended to students in the Bing Overseas Study Program, are the next best thing to being there.