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Dr. Ming Kao
Oct 28, 2018 · 4 min read
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At the Stanford Pain Clinic, we have always been the destination for the treatment of complex chronic pain. We have all the world-class resources for pain treatment at our headquarters in Redwood City: subspecialist physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, pain-certified nurses, and other experienced staff.

The success of the tech industry brought more people to the Bay Area, many of whom need treatments for chronic pain. Our Redwood City location has become so busy that on some days we don’t have enough exam rooms for our patients. The worsening Bay Area traffic likewise became a growing externality. It is increasingly hard for patients to commute to Redwood City for care.

It is for this reason that the Stanford Pain Clinic has been making a deliberate effort to reach out to patients where they live.

The Stanford Pain Clinic network sites bring world-class pain care across the Bay Area to reach out to patients where they live, making innovative subspecialty care accessible and convenient, while accomplishing our tripartite mission of clinical care, research, and education.

Design of our network sites

In bringing our world-class pain care to the Bay Area, we wanted to ensure that patients at every location receive the most up-to-date and innovative pain treatments. Instead of building a set of loosely connected silos, we built a network of pain specialists who continue to develop their own subspecialty expertise, and who continually teach each other the latest developments in clinical care, research, and education in pain medicine. Our subspecialty services include:

Our subspecialists push their respective fields forward, while rapidly disseminating new effective treatments to all of our sites across the Bay Area.

Our current offerings across the Bay Area

A map of our current service offerings across the Bay Area, focusing on physician-services: clinic evaluation, in-clinic procedures, and operating room procedures


The peninsula itself is home to only 700,000 people. However, a number of companies are headquartered on the peninsula, which means heavy congestion in the morning coming in, and bumper-to-bumper traffic in the afternoon going out.

The Redwood City location at 450 Broadway St., Redwood City, and the 30-minute traffic travel region around it. That is, locations where it is possible to reach the clinic in 30 minutes driving at congested traffic speeds.

Regardless of where patients are coming from, as they head into our Redwood City location (450 Broadway St, Redwood City), they are all forced to navigate the often bumper-to-bumper peninsula traffic. Many patients with chronic pain would experience severe pain exacerbation due to the combination of prolonged sitting and the stress of stop-and-go traffic.

East Bay

An overview of Stanford Health Care, Emeryville — a new 90,000 square foot multi-specialty outpatient center.

Around the Emeryville area, there are about 2.5 million residents. There is a tremendous unmet need for chronic pain management in the area. Our location at 5800 Hollis St. opened in March 2017 and has been full ever since. We are happy to deliver our world-class pain care to patients in the area including Emeryville, Berkeley, Oakland, the Deltas, Marin County, and Sacramento. Patients from farther away such as Reno, Nevada find this a reasonable location to commute to as well.

The Emeryville location at 5800 Hollis St, and the 30-minute traffic travel region around it. In reality, the traffic in this area is more limited to certain times of the day, and in specific travel directions.

At this location we offer:

  • Physician and nurse practitioner clinic visits
  • Physical therapy evaluation
  • In-clinic procedures
  • Operating room procedures

South Bay

The South Bay has 1.7 million residents. Our location here is right off the 85 freeway with easy parking at 2589 Samaritan Dr, San Jose. There is some directional traffic corresponding to commute (congested northbound in the morning, and southbound in the evening). Here, we work with patients from Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County, and the Central Coast.

At this location we offer:

  • Physician clinic visits
  • In-clinic procedures
  • Operating room procedures

Central California

There are 6 million residents in the Central California region. At this time we offer operating room procedures. The many patients from Central California who used to make the 2-to-3-hour treks to our Redwood City location (without, understandably, smiles on their faces) can now meet us mid-way at Stanford ValleyCare Hospital at 1133 E. Stanley Blvd, Livermore, just East of the infamous Bay Area traffic.

The traffic in the Livermore area is not as intense as in the Bay Area itself. For comparison, we draw the 30-minute traffic region around our Livermore location, but in general, traffic is not the major consideration that it is for our other locations.

At this time we offer operating room services only. We look forward to being able to expand to having a full-time physician in the area to see patients in the clinic as well.

Stanford Pain Medicine

Medical and health news and insights from the Stanford Division of Pain Medicine

Dr. Ming Kao

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Pain physician & PhD computational biologist @StanfordPain • Advanced pain interventions with CIPS & FIPP • Opinions mine & not medical advice

Stanford Pain Medicine

Medical and health news and insights from the Stanford Division of Pain Medicine

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