29th July — Field Trip!

Day 4

It’s field trip day! We hopped onto the coach at 9am ready for a full day in San Francisco. First stop was the California Academy of Science, where we got to explore the aquarium, planetarium, real life rainforest exhibit and meet the albino alligator. The aquarium was particularly impressive with huge tanks full of an array of species of fish and round cylinder tanks full of jellyfish.

Next stop after a break for lunch was the North Vista viewpoint for the Golden Gate Bridge — a natural photo opportunity in the sun — even if the San Fran fog did obscure the bridge a little — it was still beautiful and something we’d all been looking forward to.

Next stop was Pier 39 where we found sealions, street performers and delicious food and drink. About 20 or so sealions were lolling on pontoons next to the pier, enjoying the sun. From the end of the pier you have a perfect view right across the bay to Alcatraz. After some exploring and treats of crepes and hot dogs we boarded the bus back to campus.

This evening we had an early dinner so that we could make the most of the evening sun and have some free time. Some of the group chose to catch up on reading and Netflix, but most were outside playing basketball until house meeting at 9pm. We’ve got a busy back-to-classes day tomorrow so this evening will be very chilled — well deserved after a long but very fun field trip day!