Big Men, Big Games, Big Dates.

The full NBA schedule was released earlier this month, as fans begin to mark their calendars for the big matchups we’re all looking forward to this upcoming season. How will the Cavs look against the Warriors without Kyrie slinging passes around and putting up 25 points a night, but instead Isaiah Thomas?

Will Irving’s new partnership with Gordon Hayward in Boston reignite the ol’ classic Lakers-Celtics rivalry? And who couldn’t forget looking forward to Lonzo LaVar Ball’s always insightful opinion. I’m sure he’ll be sure to check it with all of us soon…

We could go on and on about all the interesting matchups that expected this year; rookie one-and-dones who aren’t quite used to constant high-level NBA play (summer league is over boys) vs the players who still playing into their 40’s. Drafted Vince Carter on my fantasy team in 2000, gladly doing it again this year.

Despite the Vegas odds pointing towards a Warriors — Cavs tetralogy (look it up). This season has the potential to contain some of most unique storylines in recent history. The major question is, will you be watching it unfold before your eyes or reading about it afterward on social media? For the larger portion of the sporting-fan world, the latter will most likely be the source for quickest information on who-fought-who, which player ‘went off’, or the next big blockbuster trade.

So if you’re looking forward to catching your team’s games this season, add their schedule to your calendar in 1-StanzaCal-click and as the old infomercial goes,”Set it and forget it!”

The NBA Season opener begins with Boston at Cleveland this October 17th, 2017, Tip-Off 5pm PT/ 8pm ET.

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