CASE STUDY: St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Lee Enterprises Newspapers)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch was one of the first Lee Enterprises-owned newspapers to begin using Stanza to add relevant and engaging content to their articles.

They started by sharing St. Louis sports schedules (StanzaCals), but quickly adopted the “dynamic StanzaCal,” a single line of code that populates the most relevant calendar for the content on each page, such as the “Coming to Theaters” StanzaCal on their entertainment pages.

“Stanza gives our readers a quick answer to the question ‘what’s next?’ It’s a simple question that many readers have, and our reporters are free from having to address. At the college level in particular the Stanza schedule highlights events that we might not even cover otherwise.”
— Bob Rose, Deputy Managing Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

After St. Louis Post-Dispatch saw great results with on-page engagement, several other Lee Enterprises newspapers partnered with Stanza to augment their content as well.

Now, nearly 8% of readers who see StanzaCal on these publications’ pages engage with the content.

Some StanzaCals they share:


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