How To Plan Your Perfect Day

It’s About Time …..get it?

When Stanza was first established, our goal was to help the average person get the most out of their day. Stemming from the notion that people were sick and tired of showing up to their after-work softball or soccer games, only to discover that the game had been canceled or moved somewhere else.

Who doesn’t love to show up to a cancelled event.

In today’s world of immediate gratification with technology, we like to solve our problems at a moment’s notice. It seemed ridiculous that we haven’t discovered a better method than “If it’s canceled, whoever shows up first, text everyone else.” Even though most were already on their way, and more importantly allotted that time frame in their day (and in their head) to that event.

While we wish we could solve the problem of every event running perfectly smooth….we’re only human-(ish). So the next best thing is getting the word out to everyone involved as soon as an unforeseen incident changes the plan. Say, if someone who was hosting the event and was able to send out notifications that affected everyone’s personal calendar, so not only would they get the update, but also how it would relate to the rest of their day.

And thus, Stanza was born.

Since that day, we’ve evolved to stay up with the competitive market. It’s not quite enough to have the best intentions, you have to continually change and grow.

How did we do that?

We began work with the biggest groups who possess a product around a specific event — sports. Teams like the Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers to NBA teams like the Warriors (go Warriors! — We’re in San Francisco after all) and San Antonio Spurs have embedded StanzaCals on their pages to help their fans hear about more upcoming events, shown relative links and buy tickets.

I signed up for what?!

Understandably, people get annoyed at receiving notifications that they’re unaware of signing up for or that come from having to give your email for a purchase. (I would know, I use my friend’s phone numbers to sign up for promotional events & contests all the time) But that’s not what we’ve done with these teams. If you get an email or notification on your phone that you didn’t explicitly ask for, or isn’t even relevant. Chances are, you don’t have the best feeling towards that company that sneakily added it. (Darn you, fine print!)

What’s planned next?

While we’re still considered a startup, we’re looking to expand our reach, and continually develop our product so it can assist everyone, not just multi-billion dollar brands and companies. And by everyone, we don’t mean literally everyone. Sometimes, we’re not what’s best for you or your business, and that’s ok! I’ve yet to know of a product that universally applicable to everyone and everything (don’t say water or air — it’s not Spaceballs)

In a sense, we’re coming back full circle on what got us off the ground. It’s not that we forgot about the little guy, far from it. We’ve gotten Stanza to a place where we can now confidently say if you include us on your website. It. Will. Help.

With success stories and data to back us now, we want to help anyone who has a business or an event they need a live audience to attend, watch online, or interact with, in real-time, actually show up! From food trucks in your area to your friend’s new yoga class, people need to know when these events are going on.

Do I need to have events every week?

Not at all. We also understand that some businesses won’t be having events every single week, or even every month. That’s alright! A trend often noticed is when an event is spaced just far enough out, people tend to forget to think about it until it gets closer, and sometimes it goes right on by before you even think about “Hey wasn’t that thing around this time of the year…?”

All different types of companies have begun to adopt a StanzaCal to keep their audience following

So for the infrequent event planner, to the daily content publisher, whatever you are trying to get in front of your audience, we’re looking to help. Did I mention it’s completely free? Well, I had to throw in at least one plug for the ol’ StanzaCal. So, keep an eye out for what’s coming from Stanza next. Whether you’re aware of us or discovering Stanza for the first time, we’re creating solutions for you.

For more information, visit to create your own custom calendar or embed an existing on your website to grow your following.

Author: Alex Fitschen — Inbound Marketing at

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