What you didn’t know about the record-setting $100K Game 5 Tickets

Nothing beats watching our home team take the win, but we apparently had another pleasant surprise in store.

The most expensive $100K+ NBA tickets in history were bought through Stanza.

Not a bad pay day :)

StanzaCal is a new product we rolled out this year with NBA teams. Idea is simple — one line of code that makes it easier for fans to find the schedule and buy tickets with one click… on any page.

StanzaCal on Warriors’ Ticketing Page:

Earlier this year we piloted StanzaCal with 15 teams in the NBA. NBA teams collectively have over 1.3M calendar subscribers on Stanza.

These subscribers also have ticketing links within their calendars, but now they get the same Stanza experience on the team sites.

The results have been overwhelmingly positive. The average fan who is also a Stanza user converting at a 7–9% rate post-clicking on a ticketing link. As part of our pilot, we helped sell $1.5M worth of tickets last month alone.

Stay tuned as we continue to roll out with other teams and bring in new features like highlights, recap videos, scores and more to StanzaCal. If you haven’t already, find and subscribe to your favorite team on Stanza.co.

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