A Reflection on the 100th Anniversary of The Signature of The Treaty of Peace

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Interstellar Communication, Year 2623 of the MUD Calendar — The Cradle

Today marks the centennial of a pivotal moment in galactic history: the signing of the Treaty of Peace by Bekalu, Armi.eldr, and Charon Gotti, ending the catastrophic Convergence War. As a firsthand witness to this historic event, I reflect on the profound realization that emerged that day — the understanding that war among us would inevitably lead to the collapse of civilization, plunging Galia into millennia of darkness.

A century has passed, and I stand before you, gratified to affirm that we have successfully averted this dire fate. Through our collective sacrifices, unwavering commitment, and tireless efforts, we have forged a robust galactic federation. This federation stands as a bulwark of freedom, prosperity, equality, and peace, safeguarding the rights and well-being of every citizen.

Our unified galactic economy, free from biases and regional disparities, empowers members of all species to traverse the Starpath, engaging in lawful commerce throughout Galia’s civilized reaches. The results are tangible: life expectancy has soared within the safe zones, and under our vigilant governance, no citizen in our worlds suffers from criminality, poverty, or hunger.

As we honor our founding trio — Bekalu, Armi.eldr, and Charon Gotti — I believe their spirits rejoice in the legacy they bestowed upon their descendants.

Today, we stand at the cusp of a new chapter, looking beyond our home systems. The inhabitants of the Medium Zone, our galactic kin, aspire to integrate into our thriving ecosystem. We eagerly anticipate their inclusion, despite the challenges posed by a faction thriving on chaos in their realm.

We’ve witnessed and countered dark forces in the Medium Zone, such as the dismantling of the Slave Cartel in Frenir and the repulsion of the Jorvik Pirate fleet. These victories exemplify our commitment to extending our values of freedom and justice beyond our borders.

Yet, we recognize and respect the desire for political autonomy within the Medium Zone. The Council honors their wish for sovereignty, provided it aligns with our collective goal of a unified and peaceful Galia.

In this spirit, as the Ruling Secretary of the Council of Peace, I am proud to announce a significant shift in our approach to the Medium Zone. Effective immediately, the Council of Peace will cease all military operations there. Instead, we will focus on fostering peaceful trade and social inclusion. In the coming weeks, we will initiate the registration of civilian corporations eager to develop commercial ties and enhance the existing intergalactic commerce infrastructure in the Medium Zone.

This announcement is not merely a policy shift — it is a milestone in Galia’s journey towards everlasting peace, paralleling the significance of the Treaty of Peace itself.

Let us celebrate our peace, together.

Vaor Scarka — Ruling Secretary of the Council of Peace


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Star Atlas
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Star Atlas is a metaverse introducing a unique gaming experience by harnessing the power of traditional core game and blockchain mechanics.