Never Alone: A Shared Social Adventure Across the Star Atlas Galaxy

Embark on a Journey of Memory and Fate. Help Saand, The Punaab, Regain His Memories and Uncover The Secrets of His Past: A Unique Experience Where Your Choices Impact The Whole Ecosystem

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Star Atlas First Social Campaign is starting now!

Welcome to Star Atlas’ first-ever Social Campaign, Captain!

You are about to experience a many-layered campaign where your actions across different platforms of our ecosystem will let you uncover secrets about the Star Atlas universe, face tragic choices, develop the bounds within the Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs), and explore the many releases we have prepared for this year, while being recognized for supporting us through everything by acquiring unique in-game assets only available for those who fulfill this quest.

This is a shared journey. It’s the story of how you met Saand, a memoryless Punaab stranded on a desert planet after a ship crash. You two quickly become friends, and you decide to take Saand along with you on your travels across Galia Expanse, searching for ways to recover his memory. A journey that will take you to the heart of the Star Atlas universe, where many secrets and treasures are hidden.

You will see his past unfold as you two deepen your relationship, and before your journey ends, at the end of this almost year-long campaign, you will need to make a choice about what is truly valuable to you.

As you explore Star Atlas and complete missions together with Saand, you will be able to follow his progress on a Neuro Scanner powered by the Zealy platform, where you will be able to see not only the progress on the recovery of Saand’s memories but also a list of activities that will help you two to discover the truth about the Punaab.

Your Journey will take you through the depths of the Star Atlas underworld through four missions, representing the four arcs of Saand’s past that players can uncover.

Each mission will have its own quests and lore, each one of them disclosing little pieces of Saand’s memories that relate to that particular mission topic and overall elements of the Star Atlas universe. To progress on the mission, you will need to fulfill those quests.

Each mission will appear on the Zealy platform, along with how much experience each quest will award upon completion and the conditions to fulfill the mission together with your Punaab friend.

As we stated above, this journey is divided into four arcs, each one of them represented by a main mission. Those missions are linked with the product releases that Star Atlas will launch throughout the year. As you fulfill the missions, Saand’s memories will be stimulated, reaching certain thresholds of recovery that allow you to form Memories.

Memories are digital assets and the basis of this campaign. This is a collection of data and memories you form after hearing Saand’s recollections of his past. Those memories start as vague glimpses, and as you two progress on each one of the missions, they will evolve into fragments. Finally, when you fulfill most of the mission, they will form a revelation that explains Saand’s entire memory about the said topic, as described in the picture below:

What secrets does the Punaab’s past hold?

Since this journey is divided into four arcs, you will be able to acquire four sets of Memories, each one of them revealing an aspect of Saand’s mysterious past.

Nevertheless, should you choose to do so, you can eventually trade your Memories in the Galactic Marketplace, or you can also strike some more… unusual deals, as explained in the next section of this article.

After collecting all the Memories from the four missions, you can trade this set for a complete Saand Story digital asset on the Never Alone Campaign page, which will allow you to use them to complete the main quest.

Saand Story digital assets also come in three tiers: 1) Glimpses of a Forgotten Life, 2) Fragments of a Forgotten Life, and 3) Revelations of a Forgotten Life. The tier you get from this exchange is based on the quality of the memoriesthat you used to form Saand’s Past. You will need three memories of each tier to form a Saand Story digital asset.

The tier and number of your Saand Story will determine how well you performed in the missions, directly affecting the choices you must make at the end of your adventure.

As we have hinted, there are several ways to use the Memories you discover with your Punaab friend, and this will require players to make choices on how they want to use the Memories created through your journey with Saand and fulfill the main quest.

Let us walk you through how those mechanics work.

The Trading of Memories: Learn How The Community’s Choices Can Unlock Unique Game Assets… Even a Tier 5 Mansion in a Central Space Station

Saand, The Punaab. Aka Papa Naab

Memories are powerful things.

One might say that they are the very building blocks of sentient beings, making us who we are and, at the end of the day, the one thing no one can take away from you.

Nevertheless, sometimes memories are so painful that one would prefer to forget them, even if that means destroying a part of themselves in the process in order to live a life under the comforting blanket of ignorance.

Regardless, there is no denying that memories hold power. In the Star Atlas metaverse, the galactic civilization has learned ways of acquiring and isolating memories.

When this technology was discovered, certain groups started to desire others’ memories, using them for many objectives, some of which are quite nefarious.

In this journey, you will participate in an experiment on the value of memories and information, deciding what actually holds value for you. Your use of the Memories you created together with your Punaab companion throughout the year will be the key to this event.

There are basically four different ways of using them:

The first one is pretty straightforward. Eventually, you will be able to trade your Memories or Saand Story digital assets in the galactic marketplace. The only way of creating these memories is by playing, so other players might be interested in acquiring them, especially due to the other use cases of the Punaab’s memories.

The second way of using your basic Memories is by burning them after a mission for one of the assets of the Elusive Memories dealers of Star Atlas, exchanging the memories you make during a mission for time-limited loot.

There are groups in the underworld of the Star Atlas galaxy that are more than interested in acquiring your Memories. They will offer you in-game assets on the spot should you decide to give them your precious memories of your journey with Saand.

This feature will be open by the end of the second mission arc. If you wish to pursue this path, all you have to do is join the Never Alone Campaign page that will be released and trade your Memories for the in-game assets you desire from their offer list.

The third way is to keep your combined Memories until the end of the campaign. This will allow you to trigger a unique event, awarding you the following in-game assets based on the quality of the memories you hold.

This will allow you access to an exclusive loot pool, where you will be able to trade your Glimpses of a Forgotten Life, Fragments of a Forgotten Life, and Revelations of a Forgotten Life for the prizes below:

Saand memories are key to exotic loot

Aside from powerful vessels, you will also get three special kinds of Never Alone loot:

  • Ship Component Upgrade Bundle (SCUB) — The Ship Components Upgrade Bundle gives you a free upgrade for three main components of your ships: a) Thrusters, b) Shields, and c) Weapons, upgrading them from Tier 0 to Tier 1.

Those bundles will only be usable on ships of the same size as the one you are receiving in your Forgotten Life reward, so for a Glimpse of a Forgotten Life SCUB you will only be able to upgrade XX-Small components, and for the other two, you will be able to upgrade X-Small components. The Revelation of a Forgotten Life Bundle will upgrade your components from Tier 0 to Tier 2.

We would like to mention that those SCUBs might be pretty handy for your future pilot’s career in Star Atlas racing tracks, so we would advise our racers not to fade those pieces of loot!

  • Never Alone Titles — Reputation is essential in Galia Expanse, and it’s earned by those who manage to overcome unique trials. By helping Saand uncover his past, you will become a central character of a timeless tale of the Star Atlas metaverse.
  • Foundation Room Access — The Foundation Room gates will undergo changes that will prioritize recognizing Galia Expanse’s acting citizens. Stay tuned for further updates on the new version of the Foundation Room.

Finally, a massive event will take place in the medium zone of Galia Expanse, where DACs will be able to combine Saand’s Memories acquired by their players and use it in a competition against other DACs to acquire fantastic in-game assets at the end of the year, including a nearly impossible to obtain Tier 5 CSS Land, a residence selling for $1,700,000(!), and other assets you can see from this list:

Join forces with your DAC and go after unique items.

Although the details of this competition will be coming out later this year, as a preview, you will want to amass The Complete Series of Saand’s Story digital assets should you be interested in participating in this DAC competition.

As the quest progresses, you will learn the truth about Saand and other groups in the underworld of Galia Expanse.

Finally, as a final note, we hope you enjoy this unfolding adventure we have prepared for you. Keep a close eye on everything that will come from our social media accounts, as new information, time-limited quests, and updates will be dropping regularly from now on!

May the Cosmic Currents guide your path, Captain.

Read the Never Alone backstory here.


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