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After an intense intervention in the Medium Zone by the Council of Peace, the galaxy narrowly dodged the start of an all-out war. The efforts of civilian leaders and dissenting powers inside the Council have managed to quell, for now, the ambitions of Vaor Scarka, the ruling secretary of Galia’s strongest force. After overthrowing the slave lords’ government in Frenir and repealing the bulk of Jorvik forces that had been harassing the safe zone territories, an ice-thin truce was struck between the Council and the independent governments of Galia.

Yet, powers inside the Council factions have again tasted the sweet flavor of the resources found in the medium zone. If not by war, they surely plot to extend their influence on those territories, one way or another…

In this scenario, the next COPA is set to take stage. Tread lightly, Captain; any careless moves could set the galaxy on the fire of strife once more, and the echoes of divergence can be heard everywhere. Use your influence and diplomacy in this unique event to help Galia heal its old wounds and move forward in an economic model that supports the populations of every planet of the galaxy.

Star Atlas is excited to announce the commencement of the second edition of the Council of Peace Assembly (COPA), a prestigious event that invites captains and their fleets to participate in a competitive showcase of strategy, vision, and community building within the Galia expanse. This event represents an unparalleled opportunity for player-owned corporations to display their prowess, earn widespread recognition, and vie for exceptional prizes.

Elevating the Competition: Enhanced Criteria and Broadened Scope

This year, COPA expands its horizons with newly introduced criteria designed to comprehensively assess the contributions of player organizations to the Star Atlas ecosystem. These criteria aim to evaluate the strategic approaches, organizational structures, and overall impact of these entities within the vast realm of Galia.

For those not yet affiliated with an organization, COPA offers a valuable chance to explore various philosophies, structures, and visions of Star Atlas players’ organizations. It serves as an ideal platform for finding a community that resonates with one’s aspirations in the expansive universe of Galia.

Key Information for Participants

Important Dates

Registration Phase:

  • Opening Date: January 26th (available on Star Atlas Discord through the form with more instructions)
  • Closing Date: 12 PM ET February 21st. (No applications accepted post this date)
  • Announcement of Approved DACs: February 21st on Star Atlas Discord

Competition Details:

  • Date: February 29th (Schedule to be announced on Star Atlas Discord)
  • Format: Slideshow presentation for COPA organization, presented on the disclosed schedule
  • Judging: The presentations will be evaluated by a panel of judges

Evaluation Process

A distinguished panel will assess the presentations. The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

Story and Structure:

  • DAC’s theme and lore
  • Governance structure
  • Membership criteria

Building in the Bear:

  • Launches using Star Atlas IP
  • Community building initiatives during the bear market
  • Development of programs, products, or tools
  • Other notable achievements

Future Plans:

  • Upcoming uses of Star Atlas IP
  • Future program, product, or tool launches
  • In-game strategies

Community Building Initiatives and Growth Strategy:

  • Methods of community growth
  • Promotion within and outside the Star Atlas ecosystem

It is important to note that DAC performance evaluation will be heavily influenced by the evaluation of the impact that competing organizations had in the Star Atlas ecosystem. Henceforth, competing organizations are required to substantiate their presentations with evidence that supports the claims made during the presentations.


We have some exciting prizes for the winners of this COPA edition. The three champions of our event will win luxurious accommodations inside the Galia Expanse, leaving their mark at the faction’s seats of power! Check them out:

  • 1st Place: Central Space Station Tier 3 Property of the corresponding DAC Faction.
  • 2nd Place: Central Space Station Tier 2 Property of the corresponding DAC Faction.
  • 3rd Place: Central Space Station Tier 1 Property of the corresponding DAC Faction.

General Event Information

COPA stands as a cornerstone event in the Star Atlas community calendar, offering extensive benefits to all participants. Whether you are a seasoned player or embarking on your first journey in the Galia expanse, COPA provides a multitude of advantages, including:

  • Insights from Star Atlas leaders and influential guilds
  • Knowledge about effective guild management
  • Opportunities for community engagement in a dynamic setting
  • The chance to win exciting prizes

We invite all members of the Star Atlas community to join us in this grand assembly to witness the strategic acumen and creativity of our player organizations and celebrate the spirit of collaboration and competition that defines the Galia expanse.


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Using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite real-time graphics technology allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. In addition, blockchain technology using Solana establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Player assets obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates tangible world assets and ownership.

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