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Change is coming to the galaxy and with it many questions; take a deep dive into the vault of answers with Vol. II of the SAGE Game Manual

The MUD Central Space Station /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// WebGL SAGE asset

The frisson is tangible in the air. A Mierese astrobard described the current state of affairs in our galaxy as if reality itself was holding its breath in anticipation of what is to come. MUDs, ONIs and Ustur have answered the call of the Council of Peace and now prepare themselves to leave the safety of their home systems and set out for the outer ring of the Medium Zone, a movement that last happened more than one hundred years ago and culminated in the Convergence War and the Years of Strife Era.

Nevertheless, as a Sogmian saying teaches, repetition is the mother of learning. While the factions are moving, their enemies, outside and within, are also preparing for the biggest clash of this age.

In a scenario where nothing is certain, a group of adventurers drawn from all corners of the galaxy, led by the Ustur explorers’ Mochi.soul and Chyp.bod, have prepared the second installment of the full SAGE manual, focused on the gameplay mechanics of the game, to integrate with Volume I — The SAGE Economics Manual, to help you on your adventure into the deadly environment of the medium zone of our Galia expanse.

In this manual, we will walk you through the main points of the SAGE game manual, highlighting the hottest topics that you shouldn’t miss while preparing for the inevitable war that even now brews on the horizon.

May the cosmic currents flow in your favor.

The Galia Expanse SAGE Game Map /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// WebGL SAGE asset

An Overview Of Our Project’s Most Anticipated Module: Welcome To The Star Atlas Golden Era

Project SAGE is the first expression of the full vision of the Star Atlas Metaverse. Through its progressive modules, our players will be able to engage with a beautiful, mysterious and dangerous galaxy populated by exotic species and a vibrant ecosystem. You will experience firsthand the political, economic, and military arenas that were first presented in our whitepaper. Together with your guild and faction, you will challenge the members of other factions for supremacy in the cosmic Galia expanse.

The nature of SAGE is that of a strategic game, where player’s choices, ships, and skill set specializations determine the outcome of their actions and where members of all species are competing for scarce and valuable resources in a distant yet still civilized part of the galaxy known as the medium zone.

Although our first release, the Tech Demo, which will be coming in Q1 of the following year, will already entail the foundations of those gameplay loops, each subsequent module will enrich our universe with more substance, possibilities, and entertaining features. As you can see in the roadmap right at the beginning of the manual, the subsequent modules of SAGE will focus on granting depth to the player-to-player economy, land operations, careers, crew members and space stations, and finally, the high-risk zone and more end-game content.

You will find details of those modules in each respective version of the SAGE roadmap in the manual. Once you understand what the future looks like, our manual takes you on a journey through the current state of affairs in the galaxy and what features will be waiting for you in the Tech Demo.

Table of Contents: What Secrets Does The SAGE Game Manual Hold?

After learning about our detailed roadmap, it’s time to learn about the fundamentals of SAGE gameplay loops. Here is a breakdown of everything you will find in the manual:

  • The Roadmap — A detailed description of every phase of SAGE development until version 4.
  • The Golden Era Lore — An overview of the current state of affairs in the galaxy. You will learn about the scenarios, allies, enemies, opportunities and challenges that the players from the three factions will encounter in their endeavors in the outer ring of the Galias Medium Zone.
  • The Map of Galia — A lesson on the geography of the Medium Zone in which you will learn about the massive outer ring of Galia, spanning across more than 50 star systems, which will likely become the battlefield for galactic power and influence.
  • First Steps and Council Rank — A walkthrough in creating your first fleet and understanding the experience progression system and the different specialization paths in SAGE.
  • Player Onboarding and Commander Progression Program — The new Star Atlas strategy to make the onboarding to SAGE as frictionless as possible.
  • Risk Zones — A detailed explanation about the rules regarding combat and loot in the different areas of the galaxy.
  • Crew members — The intrepid explorers that fly your vessels through the galaxy. Learn everything about how they will work in the SAGE tech demo.
  • Fleet Management — An explanation of how the fleet creation and disbanding system works.
  • Fleet Resource Consumption — Flying your vessels across the stars requires resources, and keeping your fleet supplied is the first task of any captain. Learn how the different resources contribute to your fleet’s well-being.
  • Location, Movement, and The Star Path — The different systems of the galaxy are linked by a massive warp gate chain called the Star Path. Here you will learn how the movement and the warp systems work in SAGE.
  • Resources and Celestial Bodies — Many exotic planets and materials are hidden in the stars of Galia. This chapter tells you about their secrets and names.
  • Resource Extraction — The miner’s path is one of the most desired careers in Star Atlas. Understand the necessary steps to set up your own drilling operations.
  • Player Inventory — How do resources enter the SAGE environment and leave the SAGE environment to the player’s wallets? This and all other questions regarding how goods move in SAGE are addressed here.
  • Ship Selection and Performance Bonus — Star Atlas is populated with various manufacturers and ships, each with different abilities, focus, overall perks, and specializations. This part breaks down ship stats and how they allow you to design your perfect fleet.
  • Star Bases and Crafting System — SAGE is a battle for the dominance of the Star Systems of Galia Medium Zone. The key tools of this colonization are the Star Bases. In this section, you will understand how they work as the foundation of SAGE and how they enable the crafting system.
  • Combat System — Our community’s most desired gameplay loop! In this part, you will be educated on the different types of damage and combat, as well as how the current variables influence the deadly fights of Star Atlas.
  • Respawn and SOS — Sometimes things go wrong, especially when there are thousands of players trying to beat you in the battle for the medium zone. Fret not, though. Here you will learn how to get back into action quickly!
  • Loyalty Points and ATLAS — The Factions of Star Atlas appreciate your efforts to pacify the medium zone. Aside from their gratitude, they will also award you with Loyalty Points and ATLAS. Learn how the reward system of SAGE works.
  • Appendix — Claim Stakes — Finally, we have an appendix on how the claim stakes and planetary gameplay loop will work in the first version of SAGE. Learn everything about this asset that goes on sale on December 20.

While SAGE is still in active development, the details in the Game Manual — which remains a work in progress and a draft — are subject to significant changes, particularly as we learn from players implementing new strategies in the Tech Demo.

The Resources and Materials found in the Medium Zone/// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// WebGL SAGE asset

Next Steps: The Release of SAGE on the Solana Devnet

As disclosed in the SAGE manual, our game will be a most strategic one, full of different gameplay loops and specialization paths that will hopefully entertain all sorts of players. The first steps of this adventure will begin in Q1–2023 with our devnet launch.

The devnet launch is a crucial period of testing for project SAGE. As we are dealing with an open market economy entwined with political and military fronts, we need to ensure all features and gameplay loops perform as our econ team and other shareholders within Star Atlas intended. This is a requirement for our metaverse’s long-term success, and this phase will last for how long it is necessary to give us confidence in allowing the main net release.

The overall SAGE development will continue and new features will be implemented as we release new game versions.

This is an exciting period for Star Atlas. We hope you enjoy the game manual and provide us with feedback on how you like the design of the universe in construction. This is a shared dream that is only possible with our community’s passionate support.

The Ustur Central Space Station /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// WebGL SAGE asset



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