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In a new development, Star Atlas is proud to announce the launch of its Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs) platform. This innovative platform lays a foundation for the multiplayer environment of our ecosystem, becoming a significant milestone in the evolution of Star Atlas, offering players an unparalleled opportunity to band together in pursuit of common goals such as mining, freighting, combat, and territory control.

A New Chapter in Community Engagement

The Star Atlas DAC Platform heralds a new era for the game’s thriving communities. With this platform, players can now navigate the vast expanses of Galia, united under a single banner that embodies their collective ideals and aspirations. This unity empowers them to actively shape the future of our metaverse, fostering a sense of institutional identity and purpose.

The DAC Platform is meticulously designed to facilitate the registration of official organizations within the Star Atlas metaverse. Each organization can establish its unique governance structure, set forth its core values, and streamline its recruitment processes. This system is tailored to assist players in finding groups that align with their personal ideals, enabled by a sophisticated filtering system that connects like-minded individuals.

Simplified Process for DAC Creation and Membership

Initiating or joining a DAC is a seamless experience.

The first step in establishing an organization is to navigate to the DAC Platform creation page on our website. From there, our fearless new leaders will be guided on a quick five-step journey to establish a new organization in the Star Atlas metaverse.

The first step is picking the DAC Name.

A corporation name is the very essence of the players it represents and the source of your corporation identity in the Star Atlas Metaverse. DAC Names are also usually associated with the vision that your organization will express in the vastness of Galia, so make sure to pick something that reflects your ideals!

After that comes your DAC Avatar and Cover.

The Avatar and the Cover are the visual representation of your DAC values and aspirations. By those symbols, your fellow members, allies, and adversaries will identify your corporation in the Star Atlas Metaverse.

The DAC Avatar and Cover must follow a few simple rules, such as the files satisfying safe search requirements, but all of this is done in an automated review and approval process.

Aside from that, feel free to go wild in creating your symbols and work hard so that, one day, they are recognized in all three zones of the galaxy!

Next comes the DAC Description.

The DAC description is the public-facing part of your organization, showing outsiders or potential recruits what to expect from your organization should they choose to engage with it.

Feel free to express your core values and ideals once more however you want. The description page is designed to give you the freedom you want to explain to the citizens of Galia what organization you are aspiring to build and what kind of player you are looking for.

During this step, you can also add tags to your DAC. Tags are filter mechanisms that allow prospective new recruits to quickly find organizations that share important core features that they are looking for in their adventures in Galia.

The Guild leadership is able to create any Tags that they want to facilitate newcomers quickly joining their ranks.

So, for example, if your DAC belongs to the Ustur Faction, it is wise to add the Ustur Tag so people will know that your organization will support the noble android species order.

After following these steps, all you have to do is review your application, and once you are satisfied with all the information provided, you can confirm your process.

Here we go! After that, you will receive an affiliate URL, which you can share with your potential new members, allowing them to apply to join your DAC and get together to explore Galia!

Conversely, if you are a player seeking to join a DAC, you can enter the DAC Space to discover organizations that resonate with their personal beliefs and values within the Star Atlas metaverse.

Make sure to read the descriptions and seek the tags that reflect your own personal gameplay style and values, and we are confident that you will find a place to call home in Galia!

Anticipating Future Enhancements

Looking ahead, the DAC platform is set to evolve with additional functionalities. The current product is but the foundation of what the next updates will add to the Star Atlas Ecosystem, adding features like treasury management, advanced permissions controls, resource utilization, financial transactions, in-game asset management, and democratic voting systems.

The DACs are the heart of Star Atlas gameplay structure, allowing players to share knowledge, assets, powers, and adventures. With that in mind, our ecosystem will always seek new ways to empower the DAC platform structure by creating new mechanisms that allow our player’s organizations to customize their members’ experience and cooperation while exploring Galia.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we extend a warm welcome to the Decentralized Autonomous Corporations of Star Atlas. Together, we stand at the dawn of a Golden Era, poised to redefine the boundaries of collaborative gaming and community-driven governance.


Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, real-time graphics and multiplayer video games.

Using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite real-time graphics technology allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. In addition, blockchain technology using Solana establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Player assets obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates tangible world assets and ownership.

To learn more, join a faction at, get a spaceship in the Galactic Marketplace, and start playing the SAGE Labs browser game to explore, gather, craft and prosper on the galactic frontier.

Then, download the UE5 PC Game from the Epic Games Store.

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