My top 4 best books for everyday programming/coding.

Apr 6 · 4 min read

“It’s that perspective book you don’t want to forget about, especially if you’re looking to build your confidence in coding or pursuing a career in tech. ”

1. Confident Coding by Rob Percival.

A while back, before buying this book, I used to have difficulty processing information. Not realizing that sometimes it is more about how we think than trying to learn something new — and knowing less is essentially knowing more. This is to say that: the more we keep things in its simple form, the more we learn to put things in perspective. So, as I began to understand this truth, it clicked to me that I don’t have to start things with complications when I can see things for it’s much simplified way. And upon this exact principle of learning, is where Rob Percival book “Confident Coding”, devotes most of its focus to. Capturing the process of decomposition through its activity of breaking large sections down into smaller parts — and therefore making it possible for workload management. As well as, the formation of filling knowledge gaps through questions, practice exercises, and challenges. This is so that, active learning can be encouraged, and for you to be truly amazed at how far you’ve come! 🥰 Also, I’d say if you’re looking to get a book that specifically walks you through what you need to know, like if you want to know everything web development or app development, then this is your go to book.

“OK. I promise you, nothing too complicated or too technical to understand. And I think no matter what your level in coding, it’s one of those books no learner should be without, from problem solving to everything algorithm development.”

2. Python Programming (2nd Edition) by John Zelle.

Although the title of this book is python programming, the main purpose of the book sits nowhere near teaching python programming. Rather, using python as an agent tool to demonstrate you (and me) programming in a relatively easy and understandable way. Emphasizing problem-solving as a core skill of computer science while exploring algorithm development. Packed with practical exercises that you can put to immediate use, so a super project-based book, for sure! In context such as content, nothing in the book you’ll see being left out, completed solutions for everything. 😎

“If there’s such books out there for learning all things front-end, it would be John Duckett books, well-known for it’s visual layout, simplified approaches, and trouble-free delivery of information. A win-win, for sure!”

3. JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY by John Duckett.

Among books on front-end development, JavaScript & jQuery by John Duckett, is a book that I’ve recently gone back to, and personally love when building web-based projects that involve the creation of interactive elements, like the handling of animation or moving objects. Or for quick reference in JavaScript/jQuery. Then, this is your book for that. Keeping it also concise, conversational, and clear, so you won’t have problems extracting out information. And for each chapters, there’s also summary sections, getting quickly to the main points. Above all, it’s a high-profile, well-presented, and interesting read.😍

“Much-needed resource for making web design simple, with step-by-step instructions, and keeping stuff REAL straightforward.”

4. Web Design in Easy Steps by Shaun McManus.

When choosing a book for all things web design, I always end choosing “Web Design in Easy Steps” because it really pushes me to think more creatively. Even the moments when I’m full of inspiration, it’s always got me thinking /generating new ideas. Not only that, with this book, you will learn:

  1. Key principles of web design including layout and design.

And if you’re aspiring to become a web designer, I cannot think of a better guide. It’s relevant, learnable, and designed in such a way to keep you open-minded.🔥

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“If you want to master something, teach it.”

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