Nowhere to hide

Choices, Chances and Changes PART II

The last time we saw my friend James, he was ready to make some BIG life changes.
We got him on track with training, started working on eating, and then somewhere along the way….James disappeared.
Hassling texts, obsessive phonecalls (I felt like a crazy stalker ex-girlfriend at one point!) But James didn’t want to be found.
I’m sure anyone who has been through any kind of stress in their lives can relate; we make grand plans and announcements about CHANGE. But when shit gets hard, it’s REALLY easy to make self care your second, third, or LAST priority.

Well. James is back. And this time the stakes are even higher, and our challenge even greater.
He is taking on the role of “Professor Callahan” in the smash hit musical “Legally Blonde”.
I don’t know if you’ve ever been on stage, but dangnabbit, there ain’t NOWHERE to hide up there.
There are 15 shows scheduled. Last year, the choral society played to over 7,000 people…and in his own words “I want to walk on stage in a skin I can be proud of.”

So I accept the challenge. And we’re all going to look a bit silly if we fail this one. But I’m willing to put myself out there again for this, because I believe it can be done!

I will be releasing James’ weekly program, and for every session he misses there will be consequences. And it will be made public.

Now, James is a busy man, and it’s very easy as a busy person to put aside things such as exercise, or eating right. But James has the same 24 hours in a day as the rest of us. I’m not denying he’s not ridiculously over-stretched. BUT we are gonna help him learn how to prioritize his own health.
Cos that’s the shit that matters.
He may not have Yonce’s entourage, but I want our community to be his “clique” ;)

So here we go. Let’s give it a good crack. CFBR the Star Makers ;)

See you on the stage, Moose.

*A word from James tomorrow.

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