Here Are Ratings & Review Briefs of All 34 Films or Shows (15 New) I’ve Seen in the Past Four Months


I don’t know why this would matter, but 13 of the 34 films I’ve seen in the past four months were because I was sick in bed. For what it’s worth, though, and what follows is review snippets of all those films or shows I’ve seen in the past four months. Fifteen were released in the past six months. The titles of the productions are in all caps because that’s how they are written in Hollywood/the film industry.

All of the ratings are based out of 10 stars.


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The film has a few moments that are just pure art, be it through facial expression or cinematography. And more than that, the story is solid and the pacing is decent.


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Aside from the choreography, everything in this film is no bueno. The story sucks when considered in pieces. A makeup choice was terrible. And while contradictions deserve to be set aside especially when really serve the story, that’s not the case with MEAN GIRLS.



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