Cancer New Moon Horoscopes

Engraving about the second labor of Heracles, Cornelis Cort, c. 1565

These horoscopes are meant to guide you through the New Moon in Cancer on Friday, June 23rd. New Moons are apt for setting small intentions, and to orient ourselves toward stuff that feels ready to be dealt with. Sometimes we don’t navigate our lunar cycles all that clearly or rationally, but can use this time to check in with ourselves about where our hearts are going, where they have been, and where they keep coming back to.

You can read for your sun sign, but if you know your rising sign, you should read that one, too. Take these as offerings, not predictions. Part of the agency you possess is the agency to interpret in ways that help you most, as you navigate the world and make sense of your place in it.


home is a feeling, and this new moon is about that feeling. taking place in cancer, this new moon will initiate questions of home for everybody, but for you it will happen right in your house of belonging. this doesn’t mean you will feel the new moon more sharply than others, just that it may be felt more deeply. this new moon will begin to probe at your sense of home, of what home feels like, of where you feel comfortable and cared for. that place may be very different from where you live or where you are from. and it may conflict with the impulse to find new homes, new family, new sensations of belonging. this is a new moon about old homes, hasty aries, a moment of visual darkness and energetic clarity. you don’t have to sit too long in it, but it will do you well to locate the space that you can sit in, the space you might not need to fight for.


these are venus in taurus times, good times, easy times, and if they feel rough, remember that your venusian powers are available to you: an appreciation for sensuous beauty, and the patient confidence that it will come your way. the new moon in cancer offers you some mental and communicative clarity. this is a moment to identify and express your personal boundaries toward people who haven’t been getting the message, but also an opportunity to let your inner circle know how much they mean to you. you and cancer share a receptive quality, an ability to manifest the care you need by having the audacity to ask for it. this new moon is not necessarily the time to make these requests, but to appreciate the symbiosis that has come from it, those lovely relationships of caring and being taken care of. this is a new moon dedicated to the family that you choose, and that have chosen you.


the sign after your own can often produce some mixed feelings, some sense of incompletion but also some lingering potency. while new moons typically signify new seeds, they also provide some finality to the previous lunar cycle. the dark space of a new moon night is where we write our post-scripts. take some time to reflect on what the gemini lunar cycle was about for you, and what unfinished business may belong to a wider cycle. the new moon falls in your house of sustenance, and shifts your process toward questions of how you get your needs met. your ruling planet mercury also lines up with the sun right at the tip of cancer, so that shift feel especially abrupt, but also focused. gemini can be highly strategic about making ends meet, but the new moon in cancer extends beyond our material needs to our sources of emotional comfort, of what tucks us in and gets us to sleep at night. as you develop an intention for this lunar cycle, consider your emotional needs versus your material needs — when are they worth distinguishing, or worth conflating?


new moons in your own sign happen once a year, and provide the most fertile space for you to realign who you’re trying to be with who you’ve always been, what you need to do with what you need to have. you’re a lunar babe to begin with, able to feel the energy of lunar cycles more acutely and intuitively than most other signs. this new moon will be extra — well — lunar, because the sign it takes place in is itself ruled by the moon. use this new moon to hold yourself tight, to reflect on all the lovely things about being a cancer — your empathy, your decisiveness, your powers of protection. do you disagree? in this dark night, you can begin to ask why. use this new moon to forgive yourself for how you protect, for keeping your guard up or for mistakenly letting it down. what still hurts may belong to a wider cycle than this, but give yourself credit for the growth you’ve made, for the house you’ve built on your own back.


you may be beginning to feel the build-up to leo season right about now as summer strikes and your ruler, the sun, burns through its longest days. cancer season can feel like a pre-party, especially for leo suns. if it’s not that, then mercury’s conjunction to the sun this week can also speed you up. but this is still ultimately about cancer, and where the values and powers of cancer fit into your life. with this new moon activating your 12th house, the house of things unseen, this may be a new moon whose meaning eludes you. nonetheless, it’s a worthwhile moment to reflect on your nurturing side, your empathic side, your maternal side — lions famously protect their young, but what does it mean to you to emotionally support your loved ones? what does that look like, and how is it received? as the energy escalates toward leo season, this lunar cycle also invites you to begin culminating a yearlong solar cycle, to put finishing touches on the psychic changes you have made and to be cautious of what continuities remain unseen.


cancer, like you, is a provider to others. where you prefer to provide service, cancer provides care. and contrary to expectations, neither of you provide this support indiscriminately. this new moon invites you to commune with your cancer side: a side eager to defend your community, a side that gives and asks for emotional support from your community shrewdly. in this respect, community can feel more like a responsibility than an emotional outlet. plant a seed in this house, where there is more room to be cared for, to be provided for, than you ever ask of it. dispel the virgoan resentments that build up when we expect the same work from others that we voluntarily provide. and as your ruling planet mercury speeds past the sun, dedicate this gust of energy to appreciating your own network of emotional support and asking, without expectations, for the care that they can give.


the new moon in cancer possesses an intrinsic harmony: it starts a lunar cycle in the moon’s own sign (the sign it rules). these are the briefest nights of the year, and so the moon’s absense in the night sky also seems the shortest. it is as if the moon itself refuses to leave us in the dark for too long. i hope you can appreciate this, and that this helps you reflect in the brief night on where you how you want your own light to shine. this new moon takes place in your heavy house of career, bringing up questions of what mark you hope to leave on the world. relax — this is a lunar cycle, not a lifetime, and you only need to plant small intentions for this intimidating house. consider the impact you can make, and the impact you have already made. consider the role of nurturer and guardian, and how well this role suits you in the public eye. know that this does not have to swallow up your whole being, that it is a power you can access at will.


as a fellow water sign, the new moon in cancer offers you some ease and clarity. it will inspire your house of higher learning, spirituality, and travel (your “eat pray love” house). this may be retrospective, giving you space to reflect on and appreciate how you have already broadened your own worldview. or it may spark a hunger for more, for romance in a faraway place or a major reckoning with the ghosts in your attic. as much as you might be tempted to fling yourself into danger, though, take a moment to regard the experiences that have made you feel safer, that have taught you to be secure on your own. your ruler, mars, comes into tension with jupiter during this new moon, further emphasizing that part of yourself that craves new horizons to patch up old insecurities. but the flip side of this is your power as a mentor, the thrill of nurturing an apprentice through their own soul-searching. consider either interpretation, but remember that lunar cycles are about small intentions, so enjoy your water sister cancer, and the empathic ease she helps us access.


this is a new moon that holds space for suffering — it doesn’t cause or create suffering, but it wants you to know that it’s okay to sit in it for a moment, to acknowledge the concessions you have made on your way to here. as we depart from a lunar cycle that featured a full moon in your sign, cancer season may feel like something of a relief. whatever tensions took place in the past month were worked out through some compromise. this new moon may have you dwelling on these concessions, on loss, on the energy we spend on anger, even when it’s righteous. it’s okay to do some dwelling here, provided you stay in touch with your magnificent sense of futurity. remember that new moons are also spaces of self-forgiveness, where we can breathe deeply and accept that something relatively small has come to a close, and that as another something small begins, you are constantly becoming something much bigger.


welcome to opposite season, when the sign opposite you takes center stage. especially if you’re a capricorn rising, this tends to take the shape of relationship issues. questions of balance emerge: balancing your approach to life with somebody else’s, balancing a desire for measurable growth with a yearning for growth in the heart. this new moon carves out space to find balance in your closest relationships, to locate your desires to nurture and be nurtured within yourself, or projected onto other people. despite being opposites, you and cancer share a fundamental connection to memory and the past. you are the cardinal femmes, signs that get shit started by carefully and intuitively maneuvering what was there before. be weary of constricting others with your own standards of achievement, but you may find balance through this sacred knowledge of where and what we come from.


aquarius and cancer have little in common, but little in conflict, too. if anything, cancer’s sense of intuition and self-preservation may feel very alien to the rational, humanitarian sensibilities of aquarius. this next month may feel somewhat alien, somewhat dissonant. but as the new moon in cancer activates your sixth house, the house of servitude, you are bound to feel that innate yearning for freedom that makes aquarius so sympathetic to the oppressed. this is the same part that makes aquarius so resistant to being told what to do. this is a new moon that emphasizes your day-to-day work, which is a little different from your career or profession. this is the realm of labor, alienating labor. so use this space to unpack your relationship to authority, to distinguish what you are willing to submit to and what you are not. use it calmly, gently, to plant a simple intention to help you cope with these labors and submissions.


smoother waters, softer waters await you this lunar cycle. take advantage of the power of emotional conservation that is more available to you than ever. this new moon takes place in your sister water sign of cancer, and lights up your house of play. this is the house of kids and creativity, but also flings and foreplay. with pisces there is a temptation to use playtime as a way of creating boundaries that are otherwise hard to maintain. that may look like partying the pain away, but it can also be what fuels your powerfully empathic creative process. use this new moon to channel the latter, and this could be a rather relaxing new moon. your ruling planet jupiter is in a bit of tension with mars, so you may feel some inertia happening, but it’s inertia you can break through if you stick with what you know. like i said, this is a watery new moon, so at least for now, you can focus more on self-love than self-work. one is requisite for the other anyhow.