Solar Flare: Gemini New Moon

Gemini icon and problematic fave Azealia Banks

Solar Flares are conceptual notes inspired by the current sign of the Sun. They help explain my perspective on astrology, and offer some points of reflection for the astrological season.

New Moon in Gemini: May 25th, 2017

The Gemini New Moon gives us permission to dabble, permission to experiment, permission to open in a new tab. It is the moment of alignment in the sign of dispersal. This means that on the one hand, this is a good chance to recalibrate, using the synergy of where we’re going (the Sun) and where we’ve been (the Moon). New Moons are good for holding space to be “present,” whatever that looks like for you, as we initiate a new cycle. And on the other hand, this means that whatever this lunar cycle has in store for us will be colored by a sign that dislikes stillness — the swift, buzzing sign of Gemini.

Keep in mind that the New Moon is the beginning of a cycle, but also the end of another, a moment of solemn darkness between two moons. What sensuous needs and desires found security in Taurus? The New Moon provides a window to make peace with what went unfinished or unresolved, because if it truly needed fulfillment, then perhaps it belongs to a larger cycle, or a different one.

So what’s the tea on Gemini? This is a sign characterized by frenetic, fast energy, by a drive to connect points and people. Gemini is fundamentally curious, but curious about their own immediate surroundings, as opposed to a Sagittarian curiosity about distant horizons and great heights. Gemini does not commit emotionally or materially to its interests, but how could it sustain its own speed if it did? This isn’t to say Gemini doesn’t care, but that care flows from interest, from the desire to make contact, even fleetingly, rather than deep attachment. This is a sign that loves chaos, because it loves making sense of chaos, it appreciates the puzzles and mazes of everyday life.

If every sign offers some kind of lesson, then the lesson of Gemini is that of breadth. It’s a sign that helps us become quicker people, witty people, sociable people. Gemini empowers us to learn a little bit about a lot of things, and while this often gets treated like a bad thing, it’s how we build charisma, wit, cunning. It helps us learn new perspectives, less obvious perspectives, perspectives that can help us surmount challenges later on.

There is an emphasis on connectivity for Gemini, and unlike the passionate connectivity of Scorpio or the harmonic connectivity sought by Libra, Gemini stimulates and excites. Gemini craves reaction to action, prizes the giggle as much as the groan, because it is through these small points of contact that we feel that the world is a dynamic place, that we make a difference to each other’s lives each day, and that stepping outside of yourself is a worthwhile expedition.