Shade, Trees and Breeze

On an early sunny Saturday morning, we started walking to the court for our weekly badminton session. We usually ride our bikes if coming from my place but this time, we came from Mart’s place so we took the road on foot.

We’re not exactly looking forward to the walk because of the hot weather but we moved forward.

While walking and talking about random things, we arrived at the side of a construction area. We can’t help but notice the cold breeze! That felt sooo refreshing!

We took our time by walking slowly to appreciate the wind. I also had to mention then how justified my actions of stealing GForest energies from friends so I can plant more trees and experience more of these. 😛 😂

After that nice short walk, we went ahead in our morning activity. After badminton, we walked back and were delighted to see the path again!

The following Saturday, apart from the badminton session, we now look forward to walking for the shade, trees and breeze!



Finding wonders and laugh on boring mundane stuff

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